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Whats Your Ideal Brew Setup look like?

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  • Whats Your Ideal Brew Setup look like?

    If theres one thing Ive learnt about Coffee- everyone has a different opinion on what it takes to get the Perfect Brew. Sometimes, just like armpits, people have more than one of them... (Opinions, that is :Lol)
    In addition Ive learnt that the quest for the perfect brew can, does and should change as we expand our horizons...

    So, in the interests of ever expanding our Coffee Snobbery Knowledge Base Id like to ask just what you think the Perfect Brew Setup for you, might look like? And Why?

    Consider this though- you *must* explain...
    1) What "Criteria" you are trying to meet/satisfy?... The "Why?"
    2) What "Budget" you are trying to stay within?... The $$$

    So let me explain briefly and then I will get the ball rolling by sharing my Perfect Brew Setup, as it stands today.

    Ok- the whole point about the "Why?" question is to stop this quickly becoming a bragfest about who can/has spent the most money...

    Ie; eg; If your criteria is to enjoy the best brew you possibly can whilst contemplating the climb ahead from the Mt Kilimanjaro base camp... and youve had to carry your whole setup in and then back out again- on your back... well the size of your boiler may not be the No 1 consideration- You get it? State your Criteria/Goal and then tell us how your Ideal setup will best meet that criteria. Nuff said.

    So, for me I have a wife who simply wont settle for less than a perfect brew. She thinks nothing of driving 1/2 hr twice a day to her favorite Barrista who runs a custom profile Ristretto, just for her. Life for me is so much simpler/easier when the wife is happy, so my lifelong quest is to find the perfect brew...
    and yes my cupboard is full of coffee gadgets that never met the grade...

    So, my budget is under $1,500-, all up. Quality wise- It has to be top-shelf. Im over buying tinny crap. Further it needs to be Manual and portable because Im feelin the urge to travel and SHMBO will not travel unless 1) Access to Hot running Water 2) Good Coffee.

    So, heres my ideal setup...

    1) ff-zr-700 Baby Roaster (Beans vacuum sealed in small portions)
    2) Rossco Mini-Grinder
    3) Rossco Portapress
    4) Bellman Stovetop Milk Steamer (for the odd Latte)

    I could go into fancy milk Jugs and Tampers, but I havent got that antsy... yet... but youre welcome to, if thats your thing...

    So, how bout it- Whats your thing?

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    Re: Whats Your Ideal Brew Setup look like?

    Wow, is no one prepared to stake their case? Put their best foot forward?... Stand proud!

    It appears not.

    I thought this would be a bit of fun...
    Obviously, I need to take my coffee much more seriously!! :lol


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      Re: Whats Your Ideal Brew Setup look like?

      Ol Grumpy,
      I guess the answer to such an open-ended question is dotted around the forum in peoples responses to posts that are specific to a set of constraints. By the way, I think the acronym in your profile should be SWMBO.


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        Re: Whats Your Ideal Brew Setup look like?

        Yes, Thanks Barry,
        Right on both counts...

        I never thought about it like that...
        Obviously Im a bit excited at finding a new hobby...

        Clearly Im suffering from a little Baristorial Inadequacy!!!

        Andrew- Grumpy old bastard- he is.