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New Years Eve Treats

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  • New Years Eve Treats

    Hi folks,
    We got home from the local Thai place last night....feeling like a yummy desert.
    Whats in the fridge ? Yucky Pauls Egg Nog !
    Whats in the freezer ? Streets Blue Ribbon vanilla icecream !
    Whats in the grinder ? Fresh roasted Ethiopian Limu !
    Result was an absolute hit for friends and family.
    Might call it "Eggnafogato"
    Any other ideas for new years eve treats ? or better names for my desert ?
    Happy new year to you all.

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    Re: New Years Eve Treats

    Was it boozey egg nog?


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      Re: New Years Eve Treats

      No, just milk egg, sugar, etc...
      Say, we use the same equipment. Do you use a Sylvia wand too. I could never get fine enough foam from the plastic panarella (or whatever its called) that came with the Gaggia.


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        Re: New Years Eve Treats

        I made a NY eve treat with shots of my Bollywood blend from the grinder, some frangelico, condensed milk and ice.

        I reckon theyll be in play again tonight.


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          Re: New Years Eve Treats

          Gazman, I just took that long plastic thing off and use the little nozzle instead. Perfect microfoam all the time - our current milk issues notwithstanding.


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            Re: New Years Eve Treats

            Eggnog lattes :P

            Makes me miss Christmas time more and more. Stupid Woolies only had eggnog on the shelves for a week. It needs to be there year round.

            Guess Ill have to make my own.