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Do PLA lids taste odd?

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  • Do PLA lids taste odd?

    Ive had some feedback from customers telling me that the PLA lids we are using taste "chemically".

    I have not noticed this myself, as I rarely drink from take-away cups and usually use a Keep-Cup when on the road.

    I suspect that the people who are having this issue are letting their coffee sit for ten minutes or more. I imagine that would have an effect on biodegradable plastic.

    Has anybody else had issues with this?

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    Re: Do PLA lids taste odd?

    I have been using Biocups for a few years and they seem to be ok when I use a lid myself.

    On the other hand my KeepCup developed a funky taint so off to the bin with it. :P


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      Re: Do PLA lids taste odd?

      Had someone say this to me a week ago. He had been doing work at a table with a take away cup for half hour before drinking.