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Where to go on the Gold Coast?

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  • Where to go on the Gold Coast?

    Im on the Gold Coast at Surfers for the Cheerleading Nationals. I dont have a lot of spare time so I am looking for recommendations on where to go to buy good fresh roasted beans and to look at 2nd hand / new grinders, equipment etc. Cheers Bilopete

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    Re: Where to go on the Gold Coast?

    Ive never been there but Caffe Silipo seems friendly - you may want to call first if you dont have much spare time so they can tell you if they have what youre interested in.


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      Re: Where to go on the Gold Coast?

      Argh!! Just had to retype this lot. Hit the wrong link and away it all went....

      Caffe Silipo is my choice. Its only about 10 min from Surfers. Richard is always willing to talk all things coffee and show you the roastery. Check times, they operate earlyish to around 3:30. They also have busy times. Its off the beaten track to most visitors but is actually easy to find. Saturday am is a great time (closes 1pm or so). At this time of year they probably arent doing any cold drip brews but you could always ask of you ring first. They have a range of coffee-nalia and accessories for sale. My choice of bean is currently Platino but they always have several beans/grinders going at once unlike most GC places.

      Justin Silipo (Richards brother) has just recently opened Grind Me coffee on Mountainview st, Miami. They use Caffee Silipo beans of course plus at least one blend Richard specifically roasts for Grind Me I believe. I havent made it yet but Im sure it had great coffee. I doubt if they are selling machines.

      People (some of them are very fussy coffee drinking friends of mine) rave over Coffee Lovers at Currumburra Rd Ashmore. They used to have a largish range of machines. But the brown beans and the coffee as served dont do it for me so I rarely go there now. Its only a few mins from Silipo, so a round trip is not out of the question.

      No Name Lane on Elizabeth Ave, Broadbeach was consistently good the half dozen of so times I was there last year. But its not one my regular travel routes so I havent been for nearly 6 months. Should still be okay. I cant recall if I saw machines for sale though. The area opposite the Convention Centre has lots of food and drink options. Just be aware that hospitality and hospitality staffing on the Gold Cost are somewhat seasonal. Which staff are working when and where influences the coffee and food experience greatly in the touristy areas.

      VIP Chocolates/Choclicious in the laneway outside/beside Myers at Pacific Fair is a regular place for us. They understand my coffee order, confirm what I mean if unsure, make it well and do a reasonable job with food too. Im always there on weekends so maybe I just strike the same barista.

      Further away is Hillbilly Coffee on Main St, North Tamborine. They have good food and coffee. No machines though. Its about 45 mins from Surfers depending which way you go. I would usually go via Nerang/Mt Nathan. More scenic but about 15 mins extra. Dont go Sat or Sun if the markets are on.

      You could try Coffee Roasters Australia (sponsor). They have a range of machines and accessories for sale. You could always take home a 15kg Has Garanti.

      Of course there is always a Zarraffas on most street corners. They can be a real hit and miss affair. Ive had some of the best and the worst coffee from the same outlet on different days so I wont name any one particular one. You can visit the roastery at Signanto Drive almost opposite Movieworld and look to the big glass windows. They sell coffee drink there too.

      There are several threads in the "Good Coffee Where" boards from memory and at least one from AASCA 2011. Hope this is useful.


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        Re: Where to go on the Gold Coast?

        Originally posted by 476C696A75607160050 link=1340490226/0#0 date=1340490226
        Im on the Gold Coast at Surfers for the Cheerleading Nationals. I dont have a lot of spare time so I am looking for recommendations on where to go to buy good fresh roasted beans and to look at 2nd hand / new grinders, equipment etc. Cheers Bilopete
        I live 2km from Cavill Mall.

        Coffee Equipment = Coffee Roasters Australia.

        "Good" fresh roasted beans are hard to find. Depends on your taste.

        Caffe Silipo roast their own, but roast lighter than your traditional Northern Italian style. They do sell beans. Their Espresso is good

        MERLO TORREFAZIONE at the Ferry Road Market (107 Ferry Rd Southport) also sell fresh roasted beans. Their roasting style is typical Nthn Italian and good for espresso. This is not far from Surfers. Some equipment for sale. Open 9-6pm daily. Their espresso is good.

        If you want a cool, hip and trendy place for a coffee then head to Black Coffee Lyrics (Upstairs, Centre Arcade 3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd). Closed Mondays but open til late every night. The arcade is a bit shabby, but go upstairs. This place is a favourite with my daughters and their friends. They have their own house blend, and the espresso is good. They also serve wine, beer etc and some food. If you are staying right in Surfers, this is the only place that serves decent espresso. Forget about your Zarraffas, GJs, Starbucks and the multitude of other places with a coffee machine. They serve crap and cannot make an espresso if their life depended on it. This place is different to your typical coffee store, and looks as if they sourced their furniture from Goodwill. Atmosphere is great, and the staff are very friendly.


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          Re: Where to go on the Gold Coast?

          Wow coffee options on the GC! Sadly when I lived there 10 years ago there were no cafes worth the time of day.


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            Re: Where to go on the Gold Coast?

            Thanks everyone for your advice.

            I ended up going to Black Coffee Lyrics for a few cuppas. Excellent setup but shame about the location. Service was friendly and barrister was happy to chat about thier beans. Funny enough, first coffee tasted way better than my second one. Same barrister too!

            My wife and I tried many new coffee shops and we rated the Black Coffee Lyrics the best. The worst coffee we had was from was OMG coffee shop.....even McCafe coffee tasted better than theirs!

            I also had the opportunity to visit Caffe Silipo. Staff were very friendly and once Rosie knew I was a snobber, she was very keen to show me their roasting process. So thank you Rosie for giving 1/2hr of your time to talk coffee! Very much appreciated!