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Have you had a bag of beans turn bitter all of a sudden?

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  • Have you had a bag of beans turn bitter all of a sudden?

    I was really enjoying my latest bag of coffee beans yesterday, then all of a sudden today the coffee tasted bitter. I smelled the beans in the bag and the bitter smell knocked my sox off! What could I have done to make this happen?

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    How are you storing them, Branjie?


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      Happened to me today!!! OK I am new to home roasting. Bought a Behmor and I had only done 5 roasts of Peru, when I embarked on a trial of KJM Blend.

      Turned out OK, but as I pressed cool it went into 2nd crack, so ended up about CS10. Surprisingly day 3 and 4 it was very smooth both black and white. THEN day 5 BANG. Both the smell in the bag AND the taste in the cup became very bitter. Its like it just fell off a cliff!!!


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        I store my beans in the bag they came in, with a firm bag clip on it, and put it in the pantry However occasionally, I accidently leave the bag open for a while after making the coffee. Could this make the beans suddenly bitter?


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          No, I shouldn't imagine they'd turn that quickly. I was thinking more along the lines of if you store them in the fridge or freezer, but if they're in the pantry, that shouldn't be a problem. The only other thing I can think of is if they're in the pantry next to a heat source or something along those lines. Other than that, it may just be the beans and how they were roasted, as Bennett alluded to below...strange.

          PS - how fresh are the beans? I note you say you have a bag clip on them, which sort of indicates to me that they may not be freshly roasted ones that usually come in a valve bag with a zip top.


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            My beans were about two weeks old. I buy them direct from the supplier. They come in a bag with a valve, but as the level of beans get lower, I get as much air out as I can, then put the clip below the level of the valve so it is just above the beans. Should I put the clip above the valve?


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              Has there been a sudden drop in temperature that might explain it? Cold beans tend to hold onto their flavour and require 'unlocking' producing a sour note that can also seem bitter

              But this shouldn't effect the aroma overly - were the beans oily at all and what was the 'roasted on' date

              Certain beans can be great at the 2 to 3 week post roast mark - but then turn quite suddenly once they hit 4 weeks post roast

              Cheers, ACg


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                The beans were not oily. They were about two weeks old. My house gets down to 14 degrees overnight, that's as cold as they get. Looks like this one might remain a mystery. Thanks for all the replies.