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Opening small coffee shop, which machine ?

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  • Opening small coffee shop, which machine ?

    Hello Australia,

    I just found this site and have been have great fun reading various posts for the past week but now it's time to enter the den...
    I live in Thailand and we are in the process of building a small coffe shop/restaurant, not in a tourist area but on a very busy highway so expecting a reasonable trade.
    Personally I wouldn't consider myself a Coffee snob yet but I do like a nice cup ( gonna get slated for that I'm sure ). I would like to be able to give my customers a decent cup when they stop, maybe they won't realize it's any better than they are used to but I will want to know that I have produced something to be proud of.
    So my main question is, which machine would any of you recommend for a turn over of say 150-200 cups a day ? I don't want to spend a fortune but also don't want a domestic machine. So many to chose from that I need help !! I was considering the NS Oscar, just for ease of use but open to ideas.
    I know there are many variables in producing a good coffee and this is where I start my education.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Carlos from Cornwall

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    Hi Carlos,

    What is the availablity of fresh roasted coffee like in your part of Thailand?


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      Hi Dski,

      Very good availability from both Northern and Central Thailand.
      They will roast it and post it the same day.. That sounded good
      I have tried a couple of the Northern beans and was impressed. Have a contact for a small supplier in the central mountain region which I will try soon.

      Any tips ?


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        There is one person you HAVE to talk to in Thailand... Chartree Treelertkul from Peaberry Ltd.

        He's a great guy, top roaster, knows his equipment and beans and will be able to point you at the machine that will have parts and service available (which is far more important than purchase price once you open the doors).

        I'll email you his details.