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Packing and shipping a coffee machine

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  • Packing and shipping a coffee machine

    Hi all

    i know there is info posted already on this, but i cannot for the life of me get the new search function to turn up any results!

    just looking for advice on

    - How to pack a coffee machine safely
    - Where I can buy this packing material from
    - A good shipping company that people have had experience with

    I'm very wary of potential damage from shipping a machine interstate, so trying to minimize risk and do it right

    thanks for help!

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    If you don't have the original box-
    1--Go to a pack and send store, pay the money and have them do it. Buy insurance.

    2--Go to your local packing/self-storage store and buy a heavy duty box that is at least 30 cm bigger than the machine.
    --Buy lots of bubble wrap and that compressed bubble foam, tie strapping, plastic wrap, box tape, and a skid.
    --Wrap machine in plenty of plastic wrap.
    --Wrap machine in plenty of bubble wrap.
    --Line box with foam.
    --Place machine in box and brace with more foam.
    --Seal box and wrap box in plastic wrap.
    --Mount box on skid with strapping.
    --Buy insurance. (Make sure that the insurance you buy will actually cover used goods--some companies won't.)

    Good luck.
    ps--optional but recommended--cross fingers and pray.
    pps--none of the companies take any responsibility and they all cross-ship, so you never know who will handle your package.


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      The idea is to suspend the machine in a way that damage from any shocks is minimised, so wrapping stuff around the body inside the box per se wont cut it. Boxes are usually dropped on an edge or corner. That bends the frame and no amount of padding around the body helps that.

      That is why it is important to place the package on a SKID. When they drop it on an edge or corner, the skid breaks the impact and (often but not always) saves the chassis.

      This is why it is important to keep original packaging (if you buy a machine new OR if the vendor still has it). The manufacturer usually works out a way of suspending / supporting the equipment in the best way for that type of equipment.

      No point having a nice unmarked body around a bent frame.

      hope that helps.


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        as an aside...
        When in Seattle earlier in the year I saw a coffee boiler that looked like a bomb was detonated inside it.

        The cause? Shipping it full of water across the USA in the middle of winter! I've never seen anything like it and I guess it's pretty unlikely in Australia but it's an interesting gotcha for those in colder climates.


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          can't say i've shipped a machine, but have had computers delivered which were packed by pack-send

          came in a box with some sort of expanding foam all around it wrapped in plastic - essentially the foam fills all the void space around the item between it and the box

          based on my experience with computer gear (heavy stuff around 20 - 30kg) i'd recommend this as a minimum plus a skid to try and courier proof your machine