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  • Question about temperature

    Hi Everyone,

    Hopefully a simple question and i am asking it as i have done some reading and looking through the forum but haven't found the answer i'm looking for. I have a Expobar minore, with the PID. I have always left the brew temp on 92 degrees(the temp it was set at). Can someone tell me what is the right temperature to have it set at? Or doesn't it matter? I have always been happy with the coffee i get from my machine, but am curious to hear about the importance of temperature when extracting a shot.



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    Hi Chris

    With my minore I have found it suits me best at 91 degrees, mine was set to a factory setting of 96 to start.


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      I have a minore for 4 years now, it is mostly set at 93 degree celcius, changing it up or down 1 degree does change the taste of the coffee eventually you will find the preferred temp for the beans your drink the most.


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        Thanks for your input guys its much appricated.

        I think i will be more daring and have a play with the temp on certain beans i use. Otherwise i couldnt ask for better machine. It was a hard choice at the time but im glad i choose the Expobar, i understand there are many machines above it but for what i wanted it was perfect.


        ps Now I think about it when I got the machine it was also set at 96, meaning i must have played with the temp


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          These machines are designed and intended for the operator to "fiddle" with the temperature ( as others have said, to find the best spot for them).

          The temperature reading is not "absolute" ie, it is not necessarily the actual temperature at the exit point of the group. The actual temperature reading is taken at the top of the brew boiler, and by way of a secret scientific programmable calculation, that figure is extrapolated to indicate what the temperature should be at the exit point of the group. In any case that is not necessarily relevant for you. What is relevant, is that the machine is designed for you to fiddle and find what you think is best for you, whether that be an indicated temperature of 85, or one of 96!

          You would be surprised how many people come in to buy dual boiler PID control machines, and then leave them on the original set temperature forever. In which case they could have purchased a really nice and more well priced HX machine and enjoyed the coffee just as much! That is, the cability or not of a particular machine / model to change the set temperature, is only used as a researching tool to make a model selection at the beginning, and not on an ongoing basis in its intended use to extend the client's ability to (if possible) improve his or her coffee experience. This is a very interesting marketing phenomenon, where (predominantly) internet based research leads clients to purchase equipment with functions they dont need and dont or wont use to their intended capability......!

          For purposes of accuracy, the correlatioon between the actual temperature read at the top of the boiler, and the extrapolated figure you see on the display of the PID, can be adjusted to read correctly if the indicated display is judged to be incorrect. But you need to have the correct tools to firstly check the temperature at the group, to see if it matches to the indicated temperature of the display. Its part of the pre delivery set up my business (and some others) do before sale of multi boiler PID control machines such as our BFC Diadema Junior EXTRA, and the Alex Duetto. In this market our machines do not leave the showroom indicating 96 degrees, whether that be correct or needing of adjustment.

          There is a lot more to this, but this should be enough to satisfy your curiosity and of course time permitting!

          Lastly, the disclaimer. This post is not intended to send a bunch of PID machine owners off in a flurry to shove milk thermometers into the flow from the groups of their machines, to get a temperature reading with which to check the accuracy of the indicated temperature on the display of the PID. It doesnt work that way and will give a totally inaccurate, unusable, ridiculous result. Please relax and enjoy your machines and your coffee.

          Hope that helps.

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            Hi Attilio,

            Firstly thanks for your educated opinion on my question. I must say my curiosity was set off by a few threads you had commented in about PID's. As long as i know i can fiddle with it and its ok to do so im happy with that. I wont be going to the extent of finding the exact temp. At the end of the day im happy with the coffee i am getting from the machine.

            Once again thanks