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How to identify processing method for Beanbay Greens?

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  • How to identify processing method for Beanbay Greens?

    This might sound like a silly question, but assuming that it is not explicitly stated in the bean 'name' (origins/bean/estate etc), or in Andy's description on BB, how does one determine whether a particular bean is dry-processed or wet-processed? Are they wet-processed (semi wet-processed) unless explicitly stated that they are dry or pulped natural? Or am I hopelessly optimistic?

    I'm trying to do Italian blend that has a base containing dry and wet processed Brazils, and have used the 2 green Brazils presently available. Should I assume that the Brazil Yellow Bourbon is wet-processed?

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    Typically everything in BeanBay is washed unless I've stated that it's dry processed, wet hulled or pulped natural.

    Your guess was correct, that Yellow Bourbon is fully washed.

    I would also suggest not getting too hung-up on the processing. It's far better to ty it as a single origin and think how it would work in a blend. Generic "you need dry and wet process" is doomed to fail if the body, flavours and acidity are not what the blend component needs.

    When you make notes on a single origin roast include what the dominant attribute was. That will help you long term find the right bean to lift, fill-out or fruit-up a blend.


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      Thanks Andy. Very helpful. And yeh I try everything as a SO first. This is basically an experiment to see whether a blend that I've made a few times using either of the Brazils as the base tastes substantively different using a 50/50 mix of the 2 (I'm guessing the answer is no....but no harm trying). Really like both of the Brazils in blends (and they were one of the last beans I tried.....stupid prejudice based on the lower end of Brazilian production).