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    Evening everyone

    Ive just entered the wonderful world off coffee. I started with a cheap so called bean/spice grinder
    and a Bodum one cup plunger for work as i got sick of the good old one teaspoon of Blend 43 in a
    paper cup.

    After a couple months of research on the net, bothering fellow workers and a few phone calls to
    Di bartolli Coffee Centre i set my sights on the spectacular looking Rocket Giotto V2.

    Ofra was very helpfull answered any and all questions i had before i bought the machine and
    the after sales service is fantastic.

    I highly recommend Di Bartoli to anyone it doesnt matter where you are in the country the postage
    is very reasonable.

    Thanks again Ofra, Renzo and Betty

    Cheers Mick

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    Nice one Mick! Enjoy! I have an ECM Giotto and love it. Di Bartoli can take care of any servicing needs too!