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  • Coffee Video thread

    With so many videos online these days and a lot of them being about coffee I would like this to be a one stop shop for anything video related to coffee to provide something interesting to watch anytime.

    so post anything related to coffee that you find interesting, it could be....

    a video of a pour, roast or brew technique
    equipment review
    video about a cafe
    something funny

    Now a lot of you may have already seen some videos that get posted but if we stick to the rule not to double post anything then we should have a fairly extensive thread with plenty of videos
    I know this forum supports embedding videos from youtube and vimeo and possibly others using the [video] tag

    I'll start with a couple

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    As long as we don't get too many blatent ads it's a great idea.

    Mahlkonig video was good, I have one of the grind on demand ones on the bench at the snobbery and its a good grinder but it's very messy and clumps a lot. Makes great coffee but I cannot imagine anyone using it at home where mess for a foot radius would be a bigger problem.

    ANZ vid. Excellent. I wonder how long it took to find an obnoxious barista? I like to think that most people are honest if you give them a chance so it's nice to see some stats.

    Here's one I was sent...


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      I did this on Wednesday: Aeropress


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        i'll take the k30 off you andy :P


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          How did that cup of Sidamo taste? I really should roast some for filter.

          Every video I have seen of the K30 shows that it is a clump monster but a lot of US users have them in their homes.

          No doubt everyone has seen these but it's worth posting as a set


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            Roz, agree, the K30's at WBC clumped like mad.

            The Sidamo is a lovely cup. Especially Guji natural prep! Dry aroma is like a sweet shop, cup is juicy.


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              Originally posted by lemoo View Post
              i'll take the k30 off you andy :P
              I'm happy using it at work, sorry.
              It grinds well and clumps don't matter (till they bounce off the group handle)... it's just a messy pig.