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It's happened again!!

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  • It's happened again!!

    So I order my beans - Espresso WOW and after the 6th day, nothing I do makes them taste any good. The pour goes white and thin and it keeps happening time and time again.

    I keep saying that it has to be my technique but the same occurrence time and time again. Days 4 and 5 are fantastic.

    So whats going on here? Tell me straight

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    How are you storing your beans?


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      That would be my guess too: storage. Ensure the Wow is stored in its zip lock bag and only take out enough for making coffee at one time. When finished removing the required amount of beans, ensure the zip lock is fully closed, squeeze out any any air and store it in a cool dark cupboard.
      If you are already doing that, another suggestion is to buy some 250g zip-lock bags when you next order from Bean Bay. When you receive your 500g of Wow, fill up one bag and put it aside. Those beans won't be as exposed to air by the constant opening and closing.
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        Hey Catch-22,
        As well as the storage issue....are you adjusting your grind as the beans age (I'm guessing you probably have from the 'nothing i do makes them good' bit)?Is the flow rate / delay on the pour similar to that on day 4?


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          It's happened again!!

          Can i suggest that you are probably starting too early and the beans will just be getting ready by day 6


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            Originally posted by dr.a.j.pickering View Post
            Can i suggest that you are probably starting too early and the beans will just be getting ready by day 6
            The OP claimed
            Days 4 and 5 are fantastic


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              Yeah cheers Flynn. I find they are optimal at 4 to 5 days. Usually when I make Ristrettos. Doubles. Just brilliant.

              I store the beans in the 1kg gold bag they come in. Pour a handful in the Rocky, close back up then back in to the cupboard.

              I'll try a few more different techniques tomorrow morning and see how I go.


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                It's happened again!!

                The point I was making is the period of most rapid change is in the first 5 days as they degas

                If you set your grind etc during this period no wonder you are not getting good results later

                Maybe it is your taste, you like the undeveloped flavour you get early with the very gasses crema etc

                Personally I believe your missing the best of a coffee if you drink it that close to its roast

                But after all it your taste not anyone else


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                  Hi Catch, I use WOW every alternate load of beans and have been doing so for years. I love 'em.
                  Mine are very consistent right up to about 6 weeks after roast.
                  Because I live in a hot climate I store them in their foil bag, then a cotton CS bag in the bottom of the fridge.
                  Early blonding suggests problems other than bean related, but does not explain why you get a "good" pour in the first 6 days.
                  Maybe your arm is getting tired by day 6 and you are not tamping hard enough!
                  I have never adjusted my grind to the age of the bean. Never felt the need to.
                  The character of a bean is certainly different immediately after roasting for a week or so and I can only think you are noticing that.
                  There is no reason that a given bean would start to pour thin and nasty on cue at day 6.
                  Do you have the same problem with other beans?


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                    good point I should check with other beans but from memory its much of the same - again, pointing away from the beans being the issue and a lack of skill being the issue.

                    I'll try some different things this morning and see how I go. I know I made a coffee for my mother in law yesterday and it poured thin and was bitter.


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                      The fluctuation between 'good' & 'bad' pours does sound more like operator variation (i.e. grind & tamp inconsistency from pour to pour)
                      Machine temperature fluctuation can also produce a lot of difference from pour to pour, so it is always worth thinking about how & when you flush.
                      Mother in Law coffee is always 'thin & bitter'.


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                        Well, still just not working. Tried different things. TBH, I pretty over it. There is not much worse than making a crappy cup of coffee.

                        I'm off the the local for a cup....


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                          Starts coming out thin nearly instantly. Not honey type consistency seen on day 5...


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                            The 'thinness' can be due to stale beans but I would expect that beans that are less than 2 weeks old wouldn't be stale unless stored wrongly. Sounds more like your technique.
                            What equipment are you using? (machine and grinder)
                            What is the puck like after the pour?


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                              And how much are you dosing and into what size basket?

                              Roughly how much brewed coffee is extracted in what time?