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Green bean storage question

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  • Green bean storage question

    When I get my green beans in the 2.5kg bags, I like to weigh them into 450g lots ready for roasting in my behmor.

    In which case I put them into ziplock small bags.

    My question is for medium - long ( say up tp 4 months) term storage are zip lock ok, compared to the breathing cotton?

    Also I have a wine room @ 17C is it advantageous to keep them in there?

    Thanks for you thoughts on this.

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    Green bean storage question

    How humid is the wine room? Good cellars need a bit of humidity, green coffee doesn't.
    I have never had any issues storing coffee, in various methods - fabric bags, tuppaware style containers that hold about 3KG each, large foil type coffee bags folded down & sealed with a clothes peg.
    All of these methods, the coffee is then placed in a large steel cabinet that I use for storing it - dry, dark, cool.
    They say green beans can be kept for up to 3 years, so I would suggest a few months in ziplock bags won't hurt them so long as they are dry. If they're not dry I reckon you will know as mould will likely grow. I think fabric bags are usually used so they don't get condensation, a bit of breathing not a bad thing.

    On another matter - "a wine room" - full blown cellar? Photos? Wine is another passion of mine.


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      Stored in petrochemical or natural unbleached cotton.... hmmm... which would I pick?

      The gotcha with most ziplock bags is typically they smell of chemicals which may or may not leach into the green bean. If you stick your nose into a new box of ziplock bags you will smell what I'm talking about. Some brands are worse than others, "glad" are the best we have found and we use those for the starter packs (assuming short term storage)

      The unbleached cotton that we use is intentional, the beans can breathe and won't sweat/mould like they can in plastic. This is less of a problem where you are (Melbourne) as the humidity is much lower than the northern states but it's still an issue a few times ofthe year.

      The foil bags will store better than zip lock as they are designed to carry product for a longer time but cotton is best.

      Wine room would be a good storage place as is most pantry cupboards, cool, dark, dry is the key.


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        (Sorry Tasadam, much the same answer posted together... I just need to type faster)


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          Green bean storage question

          Typing to the same topic at the same time, but were you enjoying as nice a coffee as I was at the time? ;-)


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            No humidity control of the room so tends to be low humidity in summer when refrigerating ( 40% rh) which is not ideal for corks. In winter the room heats as well so would be around 50% rh. I'll get you a picture.

            Yeah I did wonder about the starter pack but as you say assumes they won't last long.

            So I will save my old cotton bags for the purpose, maybe get some smaller ones made up by a friendly neighbor with a singer.

            Yes a proper room which can store about 30 dozen, currently about 1/2 full. Also a passion, but I find the coffee has way less consequences, financially as well as otherwise!

            Originally posted by tasadam View Post
            How humid is the wine room? Good cellars need a bit of humidity, green

            On another matter - "a wine room" - full blown cellar? Photos? Wine is another passion of mine.


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              I leave my beans in the bag they come in and then weigh and roast on the same day. I live in a very humid enviorment but have not had any issues with mould or other nasties and have held beans for up to six months. Coffee beans keep better than wine up here - so I work my way through the wine quicker
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