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An old "newby" in need of advice

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  • An old "newby" in need of advice

    Well, I can't exactly say I am new here, but haven't been for a looong time, seems the look of the Forum has changed completely since my last visit, so do feel as though I am new. All my details have disappeared, will have to search around to find out how to put it all back.

    Life has been hectic, which is why I haven't been around. I have moved, had health issues, family problems, etc. Now, I have questions and need advice. Not sure I am in the right thread either.

    I am in the process of getting a new kitchen and seems I will be receiving a Bosch TES70129RW as a bonus with the appliances I've purchased. Having done a search, seems to be an automatic machine and can't find much in the way of reviews, so I presume it is an expensive toy. I think the best thing to do will be to try to sell it and buy something more useful. I have a Silvia, with a Rocky grinder. They are pretty long in the tooth, but I recently had her serviced, so she is in good nick. 9Bar complimented me for having looked after her well. Still I would love a double boiler with PID. This house I've moved into recently turned out to be a money pit, so once everything is fixed there won't be any money left for toys, but I figure if I manage to sell this Bosch machine and the Silvia, I should be able to buy a Breville BES900 maybe? I have heard good things about it - what do you think? And, if I do buy it, should I buy the grinder that goes with it? Or should I keep the Rocky or get something different?

    Even before I moved in here, I promised myself that I will upgrade from my Coretto and buy a "proper" roaster (Behmor?] but for one reason or the other it hasn't happened. I haven't been using the Coretto either, it is buried in the garage under all the kitchen stuff I haven't been able to fit into the present kitchen. All about to be rectified!!!

    So, as I haven't been keeping up with the latest on anything and still don't have the time to catch up with all the reading here, could someone please give me advice on what to get? Are my choices OK, or am I a few years behind the times? (I have just been reading about weighing the dose, which I have never heard of before

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    Personally, I wouldn't sell the Rocky for the Breville. Sounds like a sidways step to me. If you want to upgrade, look at something like the Compak K3T. I agree with your ideas though, sell the Bosch and get a real machine.