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Need help with coffeetime wiki site

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  • Need help with coffeetime wiki site

    Hi all, can someone here help me?

    I am trying to get this article E61 Group Servicing - Coffeetime on the coffeetime wiki site.

    Problem is that it is "premium content" which requires me to register with the site sponsor's mailing list in order to access it. Now here is where I have a problem. The link from coffeetime to the sponsors mailing list is broken and when I manually subscribe to their sponsors mailing list I do not get an email with the password in it.

    I emailed the site admin at coffeetime wiki about two months ago and followed it up twice but I have had no response. I can only assume that the site is no longer maintained or the admin is dead

    Can anyone who has access to this site provide me with the article or even better the password they received to register for "premium content"

    Perhaps if the coffeetime wiki site is no longer being maintined it would be worthwhile for coffeesnobs to mirror the articles there as some seem useful.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried other sites ?
    For instance there are good articles on E61 servicing on HB