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Aeropress vs. Nesspresso

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  • Aeropress vs. Nesspresso

    I will be going away on a trip where I was thinking of bringing my coffee with. Assuming I have a grinder as well (required for aeropress) has anyone tried a taste test on both? Which should I go for? Nespresso I have. Aeropress I have to buy. Nesspresso is one machine. With Aeropress I need to bring a few things with me. (I drink caps and piccolos)

    Which one would you go for?

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    i'm not even sure the 2 are in the same category to be comparable lol


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      Aeropress vs. Nesspresso

      Originally posted by lemoo View Post
      i'm not even sure the 2 are in the same category to be comparable lol
      I guess you are right. But everything has a context and perspective depending on which camp you are in. Can you elaborate your point of view?


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        An Aeropress produces a very clean strong plunger style of coffee. What you decide to do if you want to pursue drinking something with milk in it depends on your preferences. I started adding recently boiled water (not too recently), then a little milk. With some experimentation I decided that I preferred a strong short base from the Aeropress, and some microwaved/saucepan heated milk. Either way it is quite a different drink to your standard latte / cap. I like it for a change, but wouldn't do it every day. I ended out investing in a Baachi (pricey) for the times when I go away (if travelling in car) and for when my main machine goes in for a service. But that's not for everyone.

        What you choose to do probably depends on a) how much you like the Nespresso product (I'm not a fan but have had much much worse) b) how long you are going away for c) how much spare luggage capacity you've got and d) culinary facilities where you'll be staying.

        Just my 2 bits worth.


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          Aeropress vs. Nesspresso

          Ooo. Bacchi looks good

          You are right about the facilities there. Using the aeropress I'd have to bring quite a few things. I'm leaning towards Nespresso for convenience.


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            Aeropress is most commonly used to produce a nice clean black filter coffee. Not an espresso based drink, not a milk drink (although it can try).

            Don't mistake it's brew for a long-black style brew. This is the kind of brew that can easily convince you to enjoy black coffee.

            For me, without a doubt, it's the ideal travel coffee rig. You can also fit a porlex hand grinder right inside it.

            Aeropress is an immersion brewer, like a clever coffee dripper, french press, or Syphon. The result in the cup from Aeropress can match the other brew methods easily.

            Here's a great recipe to start with:

            15gm medium grinds, 200gm water at 92C (or 30-40 sec off the boil). Invert aeropress, add grinds, add water, stir, wait 1min, stir again, put the lid on, flip it over and press for 20 seconds. There's more drib drab on my blog

            It's fast, easy, enjoyable, clean up, portable. Unfortunately it can only really brew one cup at a time, which is fine if it's just you.

            If you will be regularly brewing for more than one person I would recommend the Clever Coffee Dripper instead which can do a 400+ gm brew (for two) with the same ease as the aeropress.

            If you insist on milk drinks, you could still experiment with the aeropress. I honestly don't know, I haven't tried it, but I don't see why you couldn't! Some get great results!

            I wouldn't touch the nespresso. Not because I don't like it, but because I fail to see how it's good for travel, or the environment.
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              Originally posted by JamesM View Post
              ........For me, without a doubt, it's the ideal travel coffee rig......It's fast, easy, enjoyable, clean up, portable.

              I wouldn't touch the nespresso......because I fail to see how it's good for travel.......


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                They dont really compare IMO.

                If you want a versatile piece of equipment with many many variations on how you can brew FRESH coffee, get the Aeropress. There is James method above and contrary to what he says i can get 2 pretty decent coffees (with a bit of milk) out of the AP using my preferred method and doubling the quantity's found here -

                On the other hand nespresso = bland quick hot coffee hit.

                You can use AP for cold brewing as well, great for pulling SO of the roaster just after first crack. Now that makes for an interesting long black - milk only ruins cold brew for my tastes.
                Your only limited by your imagination in finding the taste that suites YOU.


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                  The aeropress and ceramic manual grinder gets my vote, I travel with them often. You can make pretty much any style of coffee with the aeropress - if you keep things short and sweet it makes a very acceptable espresso substitute, I usually add microwaved milk to this for a nice smoot cup. I usually manage to make enough for 2 in the aeropress.

                  I'm not sure how the nespresso fits in this box, but given my limited experience I wouldn't ever consider buying one either.


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                    How long is the trip?
                    (that will change some of the answers you might get)

                    I think the answer to your question is BLACK and WHITE... literally.

                    If you want to drink black coffee...
                    Get an aeropress. If you are going away for a couple of days pre-grind and bag.
                    If you are going away for a week then grind into 3 small bags and seal them.
                    If you are going away for fortnight then take a grinder (hand or electric)

                    If you are going to drink white coffee then...
                    Take the Nespresso you already have (if you like it's output).
                    Buy a stovetop (Sorrentina, Otto, Bacchi)
                    Take a couple of bottles of cold drip concentrate CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay
                    Buy a secondhand Silvia / Breville / Sunbeam

                    I don't disagree with the replies you already have but most are talking about drinking it black, if you can't do that then the options are more limited.

                    When I travel the aeropress goes with me. Light, small, airport xray friendly and I pre-grind a weeks coffee sealed in multiple bags and then source local coffee at the destination. ...but I drink black!


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                      awesome replies, and great options Andy!

                      I guess if it had to be milk, I'd experiment more with aeropress. I suppose you could attempt an espresso-style shot large enough for two drinks, and then add the milk. trial and error


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                        Aeropress vs. Nesspresso

                        Thank you all for the replies. I've only started one getting more serious with coffee in the last month. I've been surviving on nespresso for the last 3 years. So I kinda don't mind the taste. But will surely crave the piccolos I'm making from my BDB.

                        I'm going away on a church camp up in tambourine over a weekend. So stove top is out. I might not even get the usual microwave and fridge at my close convenience. They might have it at the kitchen hall.

                        That's why I was thinking of the Nespresso. Just new water and PowerPoint. Will knick the milk from the main kitchen enough for 2. The room would have power.

                        On a longer term, I might get the AP to experiment as well. And eventually do away with the Nespresso. I need to recoup from my dent in the wallet for the BDB+smart grinder :P

                        For now. Everyone in the family knows how to use the Nespresso and it has decaf that is ok. Used for visiting friends for dinner who wants a decaf coffee. Since I don't stock decaf beans for my BDB. I am just having an issue justifying the super occasional use of the Nespresso now. The occasional times when I'm not around and people at home wants hassle free coffee, and also the occasional decaf drinking visitors. It still has warranty and I have a stash of the limited edition pods. If I sell them all off I could almost make up for the BDB!

                        Hence the dilemma.


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                          The aeropress makes great white coffee: make it strong, and instead of milk use just a dash of light cream (or cream/milk mix) to get the right colour. Aeropress doesn't make an espresso that can stand the amount of milk in a latte or cappuccino.

                          Nespresso makes an alternative to instant, not a real coffee at all.



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                            Hmm I bought an Aeropress for use at work instead of instant/plunger.

                            Very portable if you get rid of some of the odds and sods it comes with. Will make a good black coffee. Quite easy to clean up as you just disassemble and run under a tap.

                            Not sure how any current model Nespresso adds up to being a portable machine, though. I wouldn't bother unless you were going on a holiday to stay at a house somewhere for a fortnight or something like that as you'd have to make sure the thing was empty and dry etc.


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                              I got an aeropress and hario hand grinder for travel too and highly recommend the combo - but I drink blacks most of the time.