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  • Adelaide

    Im travelling again in February - to adelaide. I may have a little more time than I did in Sydney to get out and try the coffee so Ill take recommendations from any Snobs who know the city well!

    Ill most likely be staying in the CBD although no meeting venue has been announced yet. Im kinda hoping they have it at the sheraton because it is on a thursday and friday and I love those markets!

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    Re: Adelaide

    I was there in Dec 2005 for a day. Only tried Cibo Rundle St and a cafe in Glen Elg (called Europa or similar). Cafe Europa did serve a decent short black and they had a couple of interesting SOs on offer (Cuban and another)

    - Cibo (especially the Rundle St branch)

    - Different Cups (08) 8410 6379 36A James Pl CBD 5000
    Waymouth St Just off King William St. 30 varieties of coffee

    - DoubleShot (08) 8232 8884 Shp 3/ 16 Wyatt St CBD 5000
    (I think also at 47B Morphett St)

    - Short Black (08) 8410 9390 87 Hindley St CBD 5000

    - The Perfect Cup in Currie St has had some umms after new management. The branch in the Central Market may still be OK.

    - Bean Bar is ok , across the markets

    - Lucias @ the western aisle of the markets for a Pellegrinis type experience
    (dont say I didnt warn ya)

    unsure of status...
    - "TheGreek" on Halifax Street
    - Doubleshot on Wyatt (good barista, uses Amanti beans)

    Roasters (stars denote my eagerness to try their beans)
    Rio ***** roasts at Grange Rd shop
    (08) 8362 3376 22 Nelson St Stepney 5069
    Simply Coffee ***
    (08) 8363 9017 43A Rundle St, Kent Town
    Monjava ***
    (08) 8231 4673 Mob 0418 841 939, 7 King William St Kent Town 5067

    Cibo Stores
    Rundle - 218 Rundle St (08) 8232 9199
    T & G - Shop 7/ 82 King William (08) 8410 4088
    Burnside Village - Kiosk 1, (08) 8338 3996
    Glenelg - 15 Moseley Sq 5045 (08) 8376 0400
    Hyde Park - Shp1/ 156 King William Rd Hyde Park 5061 (08) 8299 9661
    Gouger Street - 41 Gouger St (08) 8410 0448
    Melb St - Shop 7/ 168 Melbourne St North Adelaide 5006 (08) 8267 4111
    Norwood - Shp7/ 161 -169 The Parade 5067 (08) 8332 1123
    Prospect - 124c, Shop 3 Prospect Rd 5082 (08) 8344 6326
    Rundle Mall - 112a Rundle Mall (08) 8232 1118
    Adelaide Airport - PO Box 121 Export Park 5950 (08) 8234 4059

    Head Office
    Lvl1/ 160 Greenhill Rd Parkside 5063 (08) 8357 2411


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      Re: Adelaide

      grendel, if you want some dining options PM me with your email and Ill send you a txt file.


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        Re: Adelaide

        Lucias at the market is very good, I drink coffee there all the time. I can also recommend their food, good value for money this is their bruschetta, I took this pic with my phone so the quality is a bit iffy. The bruschetta and a Coffee cost about $10.00

        The Perfect cup at the market is good too. The new owner Craig is a nice guy and they have a large range of SOs.

        As an Adelaidean I can let you know of more in the CBD as they come to mind.

        Hazbean also knows of some good coffee places too, Send me a PM and I can let you know of more if you want. We can alo meet up if you would like for a coffeee if I am in town.


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          Re: Adelaide

          Looks great!

          I am a huge fan of the Adelaide markets and I am hoping well be meeting in the Hilton - which from memory is practically on top of the markets.

          Ill know more of my schedule next week but Id love to catch up with other CSers if I have the chance.


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            Re: Adelaide

            The markets are fully open on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays although Lucias and some of the other places are open everyday.

            The only day I am not available is the 24th as I have a herceptin treatment. I am sure I can catch up any other time. It would be nice to put a face to the posts.


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              Re: Adelaide

              Oh and I can recommend The Grange and The Brasserie for eating at the Hilton.


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                Re: Adelaide

                Ill be in Adelaide on the 7th to the 9th but I reckon on the 7th Ill be arriving in the afternoon.


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                  Re: Adelaide

                  Well, Ill be there on the 7th for sure and Staying pretty much on Rundle Mall so any coffee places near there will get a visit from me as I wander.

                  If I have the chance to go check out a roastery (maybe Rio or something like that) Ill give it a try.


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                    Re: Adelaide

                    Try Simply Coffee in Kent town - about a twenty minute walk from Rundle Mall. Basically you just keep following Rundle mall, Rundle street, Rundle road through the park lands to get there.

                    Monjava is a couple of streets over from Simply coffee, although I dont think they have relocated their roastery to the kent town premises yet.

                    Rio is a bit (quite a bit) further away, in Norwood.


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                      Re: Adelaide

                      Originally posted by lucinda link=1168509579/0#9 date=1169035890
                      you just keep following Rundle mall, Rundle street, Rundle road through the park lands to get there.
                      That wouldnt be Rundle Park Lands would it?

                      Imaginative lot.

                      Why is it called Adelaide then instead of Rundleaide?


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                        Re: Adelaide

                        Having been to Simply Coffee yesterday to meet up with Coretto I think that would be the best place for us to meet up. It is quiet and unobtrusive and the coffee is very nice with a good variety. I even picked up some Tiger Mountain yesterday to take home. They were delicious this morning with my breakfast.

                        I dont know about hazbean but I can meet you on the 8th or the 9th.


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                          Re: Adelaide

                          Id be keen to catch up there on the morning of the 8th - I have a 9 am start for the days sessions so bright and early would work for me - it will be a nice walk to start the day by the sound of things.


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                            Re: Adelaide

                            Well, there was a meeting of coffeesnobs at the bright start of 730am today. Hazbean, Mrs Hazbean and myself met up with Grendal at Lucias in the Central Market for breakfast and coffee and had a wee chat.

                            I took a couple pics with my phone that I will post later, as I am sure Grendel has some of us too!!!

                            I need to go and have a wee nanna nap :


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                              Re: Adelaide

                              As promised a pic of grendel at Lucias