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Shipping boxes for double-boxing espresso machines

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  • Shipping boxes for double-boxing espresso machines

    I'd like to sell my espresso machine, a large domestic HX machine. I want to sent it interstate by courier. I have a suitable box for it, but ideally, I'd like to double box it.

    I was hoping someone would have come across this problem before. Where can I get a box that is bigger than the box a large domestic machine comes in? (I'm in Brisbane.) Also, are coffee machines generally pretty safe to freight with a courier company?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just measure the existing box and then do a search online for 'shipping boxes' or 'storage boxes'--there should be lots local unless you are out in the sticks.

    As far as safe goes, the answer is 'it depends'. I would certainly recommend lots of foam inside the boxes to stabilise things, and a skid on the bottom. Insurance is a must--check whether second hand goods are covered, they often are **not**.



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      Thanks Greg!



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        I have also found bigger boxes from warehouse type stores and then cut them down to suit. Stanley Knife and packing tape is your friend.


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          I contacted some speciality box providers, but many of them only sell in bulk. For those who may be interested, I found to be really helpful, and was able to pick up two double-walled cartons and nest one inside the other.