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Have I invented something......??

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  • Have I invented something......??

    Probably not.... But I couldn't find it anywhere on the net...

    Here's the story-
    My Coffee machine broke (Breville BES840, now replaced under warranty).. The pump gave way & couldn't push the water through the group handle.
    The steamer still worked.
    I have a Vietnamese drip filter for these emergency moments.
    I did the normal thing, about 15g in the drip filter, filled with hot water then waited... In the waiting I kind of forgot about it, once I came back the coffee was cold :-(
    Instead of micro-waving I decided to use my still working steamer on the BES840 to heat the coffee!

    What happened next amazed me, the black coffee stretched (kind of like milk does).. & was left with a great smooth coffee with tones more flavour & a huge Crema.
    I have been doing this a few times a week & it's now my preferred way of having a long black.

    Just wondering if anyone else has done this? & What style of coffee its called...? I guess there could be a heap of different variations but the core would be steaming a drip style black coffee.

    If you haven't tried it & your a black coffee fan, give it a go!!

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    Interesting ?... must try.

    I guess you would have to wait for the drip coffee to cool before you steam it ??


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      Interesting Kickerz, I'm a long black person, will try your method and report back.


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        yeah, mine takes ages to drip through so its only kinda warm by the time its ready... Iv noticed keeping it from boiling is better.
        It gets up temp really fast.... A little practice will get it spot on.