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  • The perfect grind

    I found info on a website (that I have lost track of) and it had a very good explanaion of working out the perfect grind.

    Can anyone here help me?

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    Re: The perfect grind

    Hi again NC...

    Before you worry about the grind, you first need to use the same tamping pressure each time - 13.5 Kg is the recommended. When practising its a good idea to tamp onto some bathroom scales....

    Next you need to use the correct quantity of coffee.... thats the maximum amount you can fit into the filter so that, after tamping, there is just a slight impression of the shower screen in the top of the puck (fit the PF and then remove it and check). It should not be hard to fit the PF - if so you have too many grounds in the PF.

    Now you have the tamp correct (and hopefully consistent) and know the volume required.... its time to play with the grind...

    Adjust the grind so that a double basket (a single basket is a pain - I dont use one!!) will produce a pour of 60 ml in 25 seconds.... If less than 25 make the grind finer, if more than 25 coarser....

    And as the beans age you will need to slowly make the grind finer (tracking the beans) to maintain the 60 ml in 25 seconds pour.

    Hope that helps


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      Re: The perfect grind

      Ta Thanx for that!