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DaVinci - State of Origin Barista Championship 2012

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  • DaVinci - State of Origin Barista Championship 2012

    Wow, what a great couple of days at the Da Vinci Gourmet State of Origin Barista Championship.
    It was on at the Melbourne Fine Food expo. Heats were yesterday, semi and grand final today.

    This is a great competition format that closely replicates a team of 4 baristas in a busy cafe setting.

    30 drink orders, 20 minutes to deliver them to the judging table and they are all judged on appearance, temperature or taste. The teams don't know which drink is going to judged on which criteria so all drinks have to be great.
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    The drink orders can be espresso, latte, cap and syrup flavoured drinks all in takeaway of dine-in cups

    The 4 baristas really have to work well as a team to get all the orders right, out on time and at a really high level of quality and I have to say that all the teams were amazing over the two days.

    The competition was seriously close both days, often coming down to couple of points difference. The two states that went through to the grand final were ACT (sponsored by Ona Coffee) and VIC (sponsored by Veneziano).

    After the grand final round of 30 drinks it was dead even with a score of 15 all.
    So that required another round of 9 drinks to determine the winner.

    Scores were 4 points each when the last drink was scored...

    VIC won by the smallest of margins (1 chip) over the ACT.
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      Here's some other stuff from the show including Peter from Cafetto, Service Sphere's Speedster and Mirage, Disave's see through Expobar...
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        Coffee Mio's Gaggia lever restoration (soooo pretty even in a heavy perspex case) and some yummy looking stuff (that I shot to tease my kids)

        Fine Foods is on tomorrow and Thursday.
        The team from Cafe Culture will be running the 2012 Barista Cup where competitiors have to deliver 12 drinks in 10 minutes.
        It's a frantic paced competition that's great to watch. Kicks off at 11am
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          It was nice to meet you Andy and it was a very fun day! Some very close results over the course of the day!


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            Good to meet you too, glad we turned on the warm weather and the hot competition for your flight across country.

            Close was an understatement! I joked with Kevin later in the day that maybe they should make it like tennis, you need to win the final by more than a single point to win. ...although if today was anything to go by we might still be there trying to find a winner!

            Great competition, great competitiors, great crowd, great staff and sponsors. It's comp days like these that make you proud to be in this industry.