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Changing the grind for different beans

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  • Changing the grind for different beans


    Just a quick question - we got the grind and the pour right for the Di Bella Modena beans, but when we tried the Merlo Private Blend, the crema was not as good. It looks like we have to grind these beans a bit finer.

    Is that the norm? Having to change the grinder for the different types of beans? As you know we have only just started so if you can offer me suggestions, I may need to get a notebook to keep the grind stats for each type of bean.

    I just wasnt sure if I was doing anything else wrong.


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    Re: Changing the grind for different beans

    It is normal that you will have to adjust the grind for different beans. In fact a lot of things will contribute to the need to make grinder adjustments. Even things like humitiy and as the beans age will mean you will have to make grind adjustments. So the main thing is to judge the need to change the grind by the way the pour looks (or times) and of course taste.

    Hope that helps a little,



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      Re: Changing the grind for different beans

      Unfortunately, Needcofeeee, that is the case. The grind has to be constantly adjusted for different beans. Not only that, but for the degree of roast, and for their age.

      Keeping notes on the setting may give you a fair indication, but chances are other variables may make this future reference meaningless: changing humidity, age of beans, light roast or dark roast....



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        Re: Changing the grind for different beans

        Cool, thanks guys, I thought I was doing something wrong. :-/