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General newbie questions about coffee appreciation/courses/melbournians

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  • General newbie questions about coffee appreciation/courses/melbournians

    Im a newbie here who have always been drinking coffee daily generally for studying and because I've grown a appreciation of it over time yet I realize I know nothing about. But now I've been reading alot and watching clips about the processes and coffee which have made my appreciation much more and think I would like to know more about what I drink kickstart my day and perhaps even find coffee thats better than what i have now.

    Im from Melbourne, and didn't realize how good the coffee is here until I travelled overseas to Europe, Asia and US when I needed my fix. Personally I think Melbourne makes the best coffee (maybe Im a little biased ) and it was the no.1 think I missed when I was away.
    But I guess it depends on how each country drinks their coffee and I realize the Latte here is not the same everywhere else. Is it true to say that the general Australians are more into the milk-based Latte & Cappucino's (read a stat that said 85% sold in cafes were latte/cappucino) whereas places like US drink it long black style?
    How do most 'CS' here drink/prefer their coffee? Do the australian CS here brew their own coffee with milk or appreciate it just black?

    I say this because I've started looking how i could brew my coffee at home rather than buying a Latte everyday from my local cafe. I was considering on getting the Aeropress after reading positive things about it, but I realize its mainly used for straight black coffee. I've rarely drank black coffee being spoiled for choice with the great Latte's you get here, but now I wouldn't mind giving it a go to bring my coffee appreciation to another level.

    I was also even considering doing a barista course here, such as the 'ABC of espresso' so perhaps I could make my own coffee, but now am not sure as I never intend to become a barista or would own a high-end espresso machine at home. Is it fair to say that I wouldnt be able to make the same quality espresso-milk coffee without those high-end machines?
    There was also another course 'Coffee Lovers' at the coffee academy and was wondering if anyone heard anything about that.

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    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    I did a barista course to help me decide what kind of machine I wanted as well as to teach me the basics of how to make a good coffee.
    Once you learn the basics, with some practise you'll be able to make the best coffee possible with whatever equipment you have on hand.

    I have an Aeropress and they make excellent, clean, black coffee but you can always add a splash of cold milk if you don't want to drink it black and don't have access to a steamer.''

    It's a long journey; take one step at a time.


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      You don't need a high end machine to make good coffee. You do need a very good grinder though. Try the aeropress. It won't break the bank.