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What ground coffee weight is right?

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  • What ground coffee weight is right?

    All I have a new Mazzer mini and seem to be having some issues with what is the correct weight to use. I see a lot of folks reckon 14-15 grams of ground coffee. This seems to be a little as I usually use about 20-21grams. Can someone set me right as if 15 is the go i need to make my grind finder

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    Hi Noel, if you have been using 20-21g and getting good results there is no reason to change your dose, you may have to set the Mini finer or coarser depending on the quality of your shots. Enjoy your new grinder
    cheers Trevor


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      The amount of coffee also depends on the basket that you are using. If you are using a single, double or triple basket. Even between a single basket you can get 7gm (useless) and 12gm baskets etc.


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        There's a thread on another site where a bloke has taken a number of commonly used double baskets which have notional weights of 14-15g, and then filled each one level to the top (with out tamping / settling). All of them take b/w 18-20g (IIRC), even without settling, re-filling etc. So don't worry. If I follow Fresh Coffee's dosing advice using the standard basket that came with my Diadema, it typically results in a 21g dose...and tastes pretty good. If I put that much in my Synesso / VST double baskets it doesn't taste so good (for these I use a lower dose / finer grind).


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          Noel, you asked a similar question 1 week ago here How much ground coffee for a double shot and received some excellent advice, time to start experimenting and forming your own opinions/preferences.
          As Attilio said in the other thread "if the question is "How much ground coffee for a double shot" the answer from my point of view will have to be: whatever amount fills that filter to the correct level for the espresso principle to work effectively."
          We still don't know what type of machine you are using!
          The Mazzer Mini is a pretty good grinder so you should have no problems in that department.


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            you are asking the wrong question.,,Dose weight will vary depending on..machine in use, basket size , bean/roast, etc etc
            You should be asking..
            " where can i learn how to set my dose and grind correctly for my machine"