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Least acidic green coffee beans

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  • Least acidic green coffee beans

    I have a friend who loves coffee but has a stomach problem with the acid in coffee. I promised to roast some low acidic beans for him to try. Which -- if any -- of the Bean Bay green beans (not decaffeinated) would you recommend as the least acidic.

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    Have him try Cold Press coffee. It's about as low acidity as you'll get. Plus it tastes great!

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      You could try the Sulawesi Blue or the Ugandan Kisoro, Brazils are also mostly low to moderate acid beans.
      Centrals are known for their brightness but they're not all high in perceived acidity. Lookout for beans recommended for espresso SOs.
      Thought I should add a bit more about acid and foodstuffs........
      When measuring acid there are two parameters to be considered, the first is TA, or titratable acid,
      a measure of total acids present and expressed as gms/litre for fluids or gms or ppm/kg for solids.
      The second is pH, which is the measure of the relative acidity/alkalinity of the substance in question.
      The two (TA and pH) are not directly connected as it's possible to have a high TA and a high pH, in other words, lots of acid in an alkaline substance.
      In coffee, the acidity is not a measure of total acid but is a taste perception.
      It's possible to have a relatively low acid (TA) bean that tastes acidic because of a low pH and conversely it's possible to have a high TA bean that tastes mild because of a high pH.
      I guess that's why we say "trust your senses" but makes it difficult for someone who is intolerant of high actual acid. Despite this I still recommend the beans previously mentioned.
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        I don't know anything about the science (see post above) but I find the Sulawesi and Sumatra coffees to be very "non-acidic" to my palate.