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Where to find the world's best coffee

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  • Where to find the world's best coffee

    I imagine this article is going to generate some outrage and scoffing but, throwing caution to the wind, here goes:

    But where do you get the best coffee fix when you're on the road? I compiled a list a few years ago, but I've sat around killing time in a lot of cafes since then and I get the feeling it needs updating.
    So fellow coffee lovers, do yourself a favour: avoid the genteel café cultures of most of Europe and set your sights further afield. There's are plenty of great brews to be found around the world.

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    No outrage or scoffing from me, thought it was well researched and written.
    Have not traveled as extensively as Ben, however I found his comments to be pretty well spot on re the countries we have both visited, with the possible exception of Vietnam (could not come at the coffee condensed milk brew) but that's just a personal thing.
    I found some of the comments a bit of a hoot, references to quality instant etc.