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The coffee Nazi.

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  • The coffee Nazi.

    Guess it had to happen somewhere, why not in Berlin, more power to Ralf if he can get away with it in this age of political idiocy.

    Grounds for complaint as Berlin coffee house bans the pram

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    Go for it, Ralf.

    Your shop, your rules.


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      I remember the day of 10 mums and 10 prams, all sitting on a coffee each for an entire lunch. It had to stop or we would have gone done the gurgler.

      Fortunately, ours were not too put out by our request that they visit during quieter times and leave the rush to allow us to try to break even..

      Win/win I reckon


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        I know my wife and her mothers group of say 12 visited a local cafe every week at 1030am. All have coffee & cake. One day they decided to kick on for lunch and wanted to place their orders at 1145am for a 12noon lunch. The owner wouldn't take their orders as it was pre 12 noon. Rules are rules... They all walked out and ventured up the road to another cafe, had 12 lunches & 12 drinks... Never did they return to that cafe and 'word of mouth experiences' go far!

        I like the win:win situation TC


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          Yeah- that's just silly Jonty...

          Compromise is always the best solution.


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            Prams take up a lot of room.
            Kids can be noisy.
            So long as he gets enough customers that agree with him his business model is just another niche market.


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              Go Ralf!
              It's your operation.
              You make the rules.
              Ralf = 1. PC = 0.


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                I laughed...that was a great feel good story.

                Seriously, having stood behind the coffee machine for nearly 7 years, I can totally relate to someone who wants to make their cafe bring in a certain clientele. I actually love how those who've been rejected get all up in arms, so typical when all they can see is their own situation...which in the case of mothers of young kids is "I can take my kid any where I like with no respect or consideration for others". Truly, isn't that why McDonalds was invented!?

                Yes, jaded Barista that I am! It is the single biggest thing that made moving on easy...noisy kids and prams.

                If I was running my own cafe, I reckon I'd be a bit of a coffee nazi too and send the pram pushing mothers elsewhere...the customers I would want would be the ones I wanted to educate further in coffee. Noisy kids and tripping over Mercedes A class prams is not the way to encourage the former!


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                  To me (and many others throughout history), coffee houses are more just a place to drink coffee. They are a universal meeting place, first and foremost. Trading that for such a pretentious idea it to lose exactly what made the coffee houses of old so special.

                  I once visited Vienna's oldest coffee house, run by generations of the same family; it was a noisy, dark, smokey place in a side alley and ended up sharing a table with a very large (and very interesting) man from Berlin, who had been visiting the cafe for 30 years. It was memorable both for the coffee, and for the conversation.

                  I dare say Ralph would want to be putting out an exceptional cup (without exceptions) to come anywhere near that cafe IMHO.

                  I must say, going out for breakfast and a nice cup of coffee with my wife and son is one of my favourite things to do; it is frustrating how difficult it can be with a pram.