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    Caffeine-free non-decaf coffee may soon be on the menu

    Coffee drinkers may be soon able to drink a cup that does not have caffeine and yet is not decaf.
    One of Australias pioneer coffee growers is looking to import a plant that naturally grows without caffeine.
    Linda Jaques from far north Queensland says the coffee should be healthier and taste the same.
    But the plants success depends on the Brazilian researchers who uncovered it.
    "Some Brazilian scientists were researching in Ethiopia and they found 6,000 coffee plants in an area and they found out of those there were four that were naturally caffeine free," she said.
    "They have now taken these back to Brazil and they are researching and trying to propagate them."

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    Re: The Horror

    Not sure if its Horror... it could possibly be a good thing :-)


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      Re: The Horror

      My body doesnt respond well to caffeine deprivation.

      Neither do I for that matter, I get all cranky and bad tempered. Just ask my family ;D


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        Re: The Horror

        No caffeine...... NOOOOOOOOEEEEEE

        Gotta have caffeine - cant function without it!

        Life wouldnt be worth living in a caffeine free world.


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          Re: The Horror

          This maybe true... but its a breakthrough for people who love coffee but are caffeine intolerant...


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            Re: The Horror

            My head will start hurt > when my body is insufficient of caffeine

            The coffee is the best way to restore my body caffein level ;D ( It is a nighmare if the coffee are all caffein free in the future )


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              Re: The Horror

              My, my....

              I cant see these naturally caffeine free plants taking over from the regular hi octane ones,
              but it does give potential for those who need to limit or avoid caffeine,
              depending on the cost of course......

              I like a bit of caffeine, just dont like a lot, so blends work well for me,
              if these naturally caffeine free beans are easier to roast than decaff,
              and have a decent taste, I can see a whole new era of lo-caf blends.

              Will be interesting to see how it pans out.