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  • Rude staff

    Before I start please let me point out that the business I am referring to is not a site sponsor!!!

    Today a rang a local coffee roaster/supplier about whether thay stocked a particular item. The young woman on the phone was disinterested in helping me and not what I would describe as being helpful at all. Pulling teeth would have been easier. Her manner was unfriendly and just plain rude.

    I was considering making a complaint to the management but I am unsure of if they would act on it, I heard this is an ongoing thing here so I doubt they will do anything. How do others deal with such situations? Any advice from any of you site sponsors on what to do - and yes I will probably get what I want from one of you guys in future.

    These people have certainly lost a potential customer as a result. It is a shame as I think I may have the upgraditis itch coming on.

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    Re: Rude staff

    Same thing I would do with most places I am not happy with the service at. Take my money somewhere else, and advise those I know who go there to do the same.

    Ive worked in retail before. If nothing else is hammered in to staff, its that unhappy customers go elsewhere, and generally take other customers with them.

    If you have a good track record with them, it may be just a one off.

    - Not a site sponsor


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      Re: Rude staff

      No I have never contacted them before. Which made it worse in my eyes.


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        Re: Rude staff

        Tell them youll not be considering them to be in the running for a particular Government supply contract.

        That will cause a surge of adrenaline and pucker up the sphincter by a factor of 9.9 since we all know how the Government throws money around and doesnt money make the world go around?

        Maybe then youll hear the basics of yes, no and thank you.



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          Re: Rude staff

          Get onto management and let them know of your experience - they may not act on it, but they cant act if they dont know. Also remind them of the 3/10 rule of service: a happy customer will tell three people, an unhappy one will tell ten.


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            Re: Rude staff

            What Viviane said.

            I had cause to complain this week about poor service from a recruitment agency.

            For those of you who dont know, I am out of work.

            Bear with me while I tell you what happened.

            I applied for a job back in November but after my interview with the agency (happy to have gotten that far), the job was put on hold (probably a Christmas slow down thing).

            Just last week while applying for jobs I inadvertantly applied for the same one again.
            It seems it had come off hold and the girl I had been dealing with was on leave.

            After the lady I was dealing with this time sent me the job spec, is when I realised it was the same job.
            So I rang her the next morning to confirm. She did.
            She also said shed see where my application was up to.

            Next day I left a message on her voicemail for an update.
            The following day I left another message.
            Six days later I decided it wasnt good enough or maybe shed died or something.
            So I rang and asked to speak to the most senior person I could.
            No one was available................

            Best option was to leave a message on the mobile voicemail of the Mnaging Director, who was in transit back to Sydney from Adelaide, somewhere on a plane.

            He rang me mid-evening and logged into their systems from home.
            He could find no record of any of my contact with the agency since November.
            He was not impressed.
            He apologised for the poor service and said the girl in question also owed me an apology and that I would have it by the end of the next day otherwise I was to call him again.

            I accepted his apology and thanked him for his understanding.
            I told him I was busy in the morning and to ensure I could talk to the girl when she rang, so she wouldnt have to leave a message, I said a call mid afternoon would be acceptable.

            Well she rang around 9:30.
            As I gather, that was coming straight from the dressing down from the Managing Director.

            I was at first in two minds about complaining because I need as many people as possible looking for a job for me.
            But in the end it came down to, she did the wrong thing and I dont have to accept that level of "rudeness".

            lucinda - as Viviane said "they cant act if they dont know".
            Youll be doing the management a favour by telling them.
            And youll feel better for venting.

            Just do it quietly and calmly.


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              Re: Rude staff

              Sometimes I think some people dont realise that the customer is the one who ultimately pays their wages.

              If the business doesnt get paying customers than they do not have $$$ coming in thus the emplooyess dont have a job.

              All I ask ois for them to show a little interest in my query and to value me as a potential paying customer.

              Their lack of service has potentially cost them a lot of money. I will definitely NOT be buying a coffee machine from them when I get upgraditis.


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                Re: Rude staff


                Your experience is no way unique and, IMHO, reflects a change in societies attitude....

                Loyalty doesnt count for anything (in a job, in retail or anywhere else) because we are far more motivated by making money, saving on purchase price (shopping around) and we live for now.

                If you are employed and a better job comes up- you dont think twice about leaving..... (and the boss wont be surprised). If he needs to reduce staffing he will (and your 10+ years of loyal service is worth nothing)...

                In retail they are living for now.... walk in with a fist full of dollars to buy a real expensive item and they will fall all over you!! Ring up to ask about the same item and, if your lucky, you will get a "drop in and we will discuss it".....

                Most retailers do little over the phone.... most know you are "shopping around" and may not buy - well not that time!! Their time is money (and they cant be bothered wasting it on something which wont generate a sale....)

                And they certainly dont think (or expect) you to be loyal to them if they do help you..... all they worry about is now..... and the now isnt likely to earn them any money.... so they just dont care....

                Generally when dealing with those who do care (if you can find them) it ends up costing a little more...... the discount most of us seek comes from reduced (or no) service.

                Truly sad that the world we now live in places so little value on service and loyalty.......


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                  Re: Rude staff

                  Thankfully, our site sponsors do not fall into this category..... They are all highly motivated, highly knowledgeable and highly experienced specialist category retailers. I think the type of retailer you are referring to JB are the ones who cut margins, staff, service and strive for high stock turnover..... a conscious choice they make when formulating their business plan.

                  As with most members here, I much prefer doing business with someone who will take the extra effort to make sure I am being well served and supported, not just selling the product and then ushering me out of the door to make way for the next customer. It always comes back to you get what you pay for.... Bottom dollar will rarely equate with high quality service and support, but then, a lot of people are happy with this way of doing business, its just that most of them seem to expect everything laid on for the minimum price and wonder where the service went once the sale is completed.



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                    Re: Rude staff

                    The thing is - that phone enquiry would have generated a sale. I was ringing to see if they had a particular item in stock and the price and I had been referred there, I would have picked up the item within a few days.

                    Like Mal, I am happy to pay for good service and advice, I also shop around for a good price too.

                    Loyalty is rewarded. I have been shopping at a kitchenware shop since they opened about three or four years ago. I pay for good quality long lasting equipment and my loyalty to the shop is that I get a discount on the items I purchase. I may see an item in another store that gives crap service, I go to this shop, if he does not stock it he will get it for me and get it at a better price.

                    Customer service works both ways.


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                      Re: Rude staff

                      I will often go to a shop that provides superior service even if it costs more than to go to store that gives poor service.

                      Unfortunately poor service is everywhere. My generation (Gen-Y) are probably the worst offenders. Nothing drives me up-the-wall more than when you go into a store and cant get served or the attendant acts dejected as if you just threw sand in their face (I have often deliberated doing just that!)

                      So I do most of my shopping online! ;D


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                        Re: Rude staff


                        I agree with you that it is worth paying more and receiving good service but this option is becoming less and less available.

                        As Mal said, our site sponsors do provide excellent service - but many CoffeeSnob members look for a "bargain" and will shop elsewhere if the price is right.

                        You are either mature in years (like me) or in attitude but that is a rare thing.

                        I still support "the local corner shop" and choose retailers based on their service- not just their price.

                        I still remember my parents almost 50 years ago buying appliances - always from the same large store- not only would the appliance be delivered but someone from the store would come out, help them set it up and show them how to use it..... Now it is "cash and carry" and when you get it home you endeavour to read the poorly translated Chinese/English manual.

                        Remember petrol stations.... they would fill your tank, check tyres, water and oil- even wash your windscreen- and all with a smile. Now it is some "kid" behind the counter who doesnt have a clue other than how to collect money! The fact he/she doesnt know is not his/her fault - they werent employed for their skills but because they were "cheap" labour.

                        We have a generation of young people who value reduced price above service - and some of these are todays shop assistants.... More and more places advertise "personal shoppers only" - they dont even want phone enquiries!!

                        So yes, if you can find an organisation who provide good service, we should support them (like the site sponsors) - but these good organisations are few and far apart- and becoming more so all the time as less and less customers are prepared to support them.


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                          Re: Rude staff

                          Two incidents that stand out in mind from recent times.

                          * A couple of days ago I needed to fill the car with petrol (Ford stationwagon).
                          As wed just been shopping my wife had a petrol discount voucher for 10c a litre off.
                          It was for a service station she doesnt use but Im not fussy so it was good for me.
                          About a day or two before this there was a big stink on the news about petrol price ripoffs and the ACCC was getting nasty about it.
                          The prices dropped 10c overnight almost everywhere.
                 guessed it, the nearest service station to me where I could use the voucher.

                          They were still charging $1-18.9
                          10c off would have brought the price down to $1-08.9
                          I remembered that the local 7-11 had been charging $1-10 so decided they could have my business instead.
                          Bugger the 0-02c extra.

                          Well 2 minutes later when I approached the 7-11 I read the price sign.

                          Not directly a service issue but in a roundabout way it was about giving the customer value for money and not ripping them off.

                          * Just before Christmas a few friends got together with us for dinner at a restaurant we hadnt tried before.
                          We were able to get a discount through our Entertainment Books so in the spirit of getting value for our book purchase, off we went to try the place.

                          Nice view over Blackwattle bay near the Anzac Bridge in Sydney.
                          Food turned out to be excellent.

                          Now the bad bits.

                          My entrée came out as a lonely little 8cm diameter portion in the middle of a huge  (or so it appeared) white plate.
                          Heavenly taste but I thought Nouvelle Cuisine was passé over 20 years ago.

                          Then there were the strange fine print messages on the menu.

                          The first one we spotted said "Whole table only".
                          We are of a mature age and have never seen such a phrase in all our years.

                          The waitress explained that if we wanted the seafood platter all 6 of us would have to order seafood platters.

                          The next one I cant remember the wording but said something about only being available if ordered before 9pm. Well in all the confusion in trying to work out their unique style of customer service, the hands of time had marched on and it was now 9:05pm. Drats! Another option that didnt suit.

                          The place was cavernous yet barely half filled with diners.

                          The logic of the bizarre fetters placed upon the diners escaped us all.

                          I can only imagine that this place survives on the trendy people that may be regulars that need to be seen and turning over a few suckers like us that dont know what theyre in for.
                          There is a marina on its doorstep that has many multi million dollar yachts moored there.
                          I dont how many are owned or on the market but it certainly has an "appearance".

                          The money wasnt the biggest issue. We are all grown ups and can afford the odd night out.
                          In the end, there was enough food to not leave hungry. Somehow it worked out just right.

                          But the "attitude" of the chef/owners in lumbering such ridiculous "rules" upon the customers is unacceptable.


                          As for shopping around vs Site Sponsors, I did both and in the end, the Site Sponsors were the keenest to pay attention to me AND quoted me the best prices.

                          Lay down mazare!


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                            Re: Rude staff

                            Oh, Im disappointed. I thought the name of this thread was "Rude Stuff".

                            Well, might as well add my 2 cents...

                            The opposite monster to "rude service" is "fake, overly friendly service". The hairs on the back of my neck bristle when the barista that ive never met before in my life asks me, "so, what are your plans for tonight?" I feel like saying, "Mind your own business!" I wouldnt mind it it were a cultural thing or in some way genuine, but I just know that its the result of some marketing course where they get everyone to jump and down and shout "love your customer!". Get real. They must be overcompensating for something. Maybe at the end of the day, after sharing all that lerrrv, all the staff go in the back, take off their aprons and have a good bitch about all the *&%#@!% they served today. I hope so. At least then, they would be human.
                            Good friendly service is where the Barista/wait person/staffer makes a bit more effort than if you were dead (ie, actually notices you entered the shop and moves toward you with a manner of being interested -- but not like you are their next victim), but is relaxed, natural and maintains their own genuiness (as much as you can while in a work environment! -- it may help to have multiple personality disorder).

                            There is yet another side to this coin (a three sided coin, a miracle! Ill be rich!). That is, the customer who is rude to shop staff, just because they can.
                            The worst offenders here, i reckon, are the 40-year old unemployed guys who go into a McDonalds and chew out one of the 7-year old kids working there because they didnt get chocolate sprinkles on their sundae. And I mean chew out. Theyre not happy until theyve humiliated the kid serving them, who by the way, is working very hard, unlike them. It is a sad indictment of them and our society that some people feel so insignificant that they have to take advantage of a well-known retail policy of "the customer is always right" to abuse a kid so they can feel like they are important. What a disgraceful sight it is to see an adult demean and humiliate a child in public in this way. What a cowardly act. The managers, by the way, always apologise to the customer, no matter how rude the customer is, and bend over backwards to please them. What kind of message to these kids is this?
                            Id like to see a manager, just once, stick up for their workers and go tell a rude customer to go take a jump.

                            Your thoughts?


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                              Re: Rude staff

                              I agree but havent seen anything like it for years.

                              It happened for my benefit in my younger days.
                              On all 3 occasions that I remember, the manager or supervisor that came to my rescue were all older gentlemen.
                              The customer was politely told off and that was that.

                              But these way!