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What happen to my yirgacheffe?

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  • What happen to my yirgacheffe?

    I did a 500g roast of yirgacheffe special prep on Sunday, things didn't work out as planned.

    I usually run at a temp of 230-250 for 20 min to achieve CS9-CS10.
    1C happens between 11-15 min,
    2C around the 18-20min mark.

    This time i decided to try and slow it down a bit, and then ramp up temp to 2C.
    I ran the temp to 210-230,
    As you can see from the photo, the beans went all funny!
    Pulled the batch at 22min.
    I had no cracking at all, and also there was a lot of small size beans in the batch.

    Does anyone tell me what might have caused this?

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    Re: What happen to my yirgacheffe?

    the beans in photo appear to be scorched on the outer layer and propably underdeveloped inside--'not nice Jan!!'


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      The bells have just gone off in my head!!!

      the night before, i cooked up a nice "honey lime glazed salmon".
      It made quite a mess.

      Had a bitch of a time cleaning and was eager to do a roast.
      I ran the BBQ at full throttle for 10 min (>350 degrees) to turn the burnt glaze to charcoal/ash.
      Then it is a simple wipe down.
      I had the BBQ cooling down for 20-30 min while cleaning, maybe this was not enough.

      I thought it all was ok, because when i put the beans on the temp read 210.

      Thank you and Good call Greenman, I now have another "do not do this" on my list and 500g of beans for unwanted guests.



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        I have thought about how to lower the risk of scorching beans on the BBQ,

        Instead of preheating, then adding the beans for roasting, i will put the beans in before the preheat and run them while the BBQ is preheating.

        It might take a bit longer and i will have to readjust all my previous roast times but a least i wont ruin any more batches.