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  • Rockingham coffee cups

    Hi all I would like some info on Rockingham coffee cups. Are they any good?How do they compare to ACF cups?



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    I have both. I prefer ACF better/consistent/smaller overall volume size and lip in espresso size. Not as much variability in larger tulip long black cups. However the Rockinghams are very sexy and have some nice colours. Just some variation/less consistency between cups in size and lip thickness. The advantage of the Rockinghams is that they can be purchased as single cups so you can mix and match colours. As far as I know Nuovo Point and ACF mostly come in batches of 6 in the same colour

    Both are good though. People always comment when I have my mutli coloured red orange blue and brown cups on top of my machine.

    Also I have dropped both from a height when filling my machine tank and NO BREAKAGES OR CHIPS. They seem fairly strong.


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      Thanks for feedback Bennett. I know that the Rockinghams are about half the price of the ACFs in a pack of 6 , is this because of the quality of the porcelain?


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        I don't think it's the quality of the porcelain. More the quality and consistency of finish. Like I said I have dropped both from a height and no breakages, so they are both quite strong. The Rockingham are made in China from memory and are just a bit inconsistent in size compared with the ACF. Both are fine. You can sometimes over think these things. Personally I prefer to drink out of my ACF espresso cups. But the Rockinghams are far from shabby.


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          Hey all,

          Has anyone heard about how Rockingham cups are now known as Premier Tazze cups? Looking around online it seems that Rockingham cups are now pretty hard to find!


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            Don't know about that. Give Zest coffee roasters in Berwick a ring that's where I got mine from


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              if you are looking for quality cups we have the Ancap range from Italy. Official World Latte Art Cup 2012 to 2014. A more then worthy replacemen for ACF

              d'Ancap Italian porcelain cups

              Drop us a line, we can sell in any multiple you need