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Resting Fifi blend?

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  • Resting Fifi blend?

    Hi all

    I just got an order of Fifi blend. Hats off to Andy. Roast date 14th nov 1.40 pm arrived at my place today 1.35 pm, just shy of 24hrs from the roaster to my grinder.

    But before I do has any one know how long I should rest this blend?

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    You can start drinking it now, but I think from memory it's best at day 10+


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      i ordered the same batch of coffee, well maybe not but its roasted slightly earlier at 14 Nov '12 at 1.20 PM arrived in WA this morning. big congratulations for Andy. proud to be a CS when i read the news can't wait to try it out.. i might just wait n resist the temptation to open the 1kg bag till i get back home to jakarta on the 4th of dec.. then divided it up with friends of mine. as opening it might cause some flavor change n the air cabin pressure also might affect it.


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        Oops re read the label. I have the 1:20pm roast too.. Going to give it a go now I can't wait!!