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Beanbay: Double Spout Group Handle Keyring

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  • Beanbay: Double Spout Group Handle Keyring

    Andy, I guess this will be for you. Are you expecting any more of the double spout group handle keyrings in? I have a sister-in-law who is a budding barista and I'm sure she would get a kick out of one of these for Christmas. Ta.

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    Hi Digitalbean, welcome to CoffeeSnobs!

    It's always better to email me with these sorts of questions instead of hoping I see a post on the forum. Sometimes I won't see the post for a while.

    I don't think we will have more by Christmas but I know Di Bartoli have them and maybe some of the other site sponsors too.

    Best bet will be to fill-in the Quote Form CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors Quote (top and bottom of this page) and those sponsors that can help will get back to you.

    Good luck, I'm sure she will love it!