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Why tea is now a has-bean

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  • Why tea is now a has-bean

    Why tea's turned into a has-bean | adelaidenow

    I guess this is targeted at mainstream consumers... I drink tea and coffee almost equally at home; when I'm out I rarely drink either - $3 for "hot water and a bag" or mediocre bitter coffee at 95% of cafes? I'll take a hot chocolate thanks!

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    I think tea will go the way of specialty coffee: customers are becoming more discerning and could expect more than a tea bag and hot water which they can easily make at home for a fraction of the price.
    If the cafe looks suss, I usually opt for tea and I've had quite enjoyable tea from a teabag.

    There will always be a market for the quick and dirty cuppa.


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      Notice in the poll that tea is rated 51%, coffee 44%,of course this is from conservative little old Adelaide.
      The missing percentage is down to don't drink either.


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        I frequently have 'morning tea' in my favourite local cafe with my 98 yo Mum who likes a pot of tea. There is always a choice of 'fresh' leaf tea and it is brewed 'loose' in a little mesh basket in the special pot. I regard this as the only acceptable standard and would not tolerate a tea bag in the pot for what is charged.
        The tea is always good although it would not sway me from my Piccolo Latte + Macchiato.