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    How I Looked Death In the Eye  

    Lucky Eric, the diver who escaped from the jaws of a Great White Pointer, with lacerations to the torso and a broken nose said from his hospital bed, " Its the simple joys of life that you take for granted, like having a cup of coffee sitting out on the veranda under the sun ". Gee this guy loves his coffee !!

    Mocha Zarba.

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    Re: Great White Pointer

    Being a scuba diver myself I can say that he is indeed very fortunate. Unfortunately scuba and coffee dont really co-exist. But a coffee after a days diving is great!

    Cold water has the effect of removing fluid from the tissues etc (due to vaso-constriction) and delivering it to the bladder to be expelled and the consumption of caffeine only serves to exacerbate this effect, leading to dehydration and an increase in the risk of decompression sickness.

    Anyway I digress...

    Coffee is definately one of lifes pleasures to be sure.


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      Re: Great White Pointer

      Having looked one of these big buggers in the eye from my Dads Boat many years ago (I grew up in Port Lincoln) I would say Eric is an incredibly lucky man.