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Barista training in Sydney (for employment)

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  • Barista training in Sydney (for employment)

    Hi all,

    I'm a uni student attempting to find work as a barista, as I love coffee and can't think of a better way to earn some cash. I figure the best way to start out is by getting some training. So my question for you is: Which barista schools in Sydney provide the best training? A name that commands a bit of respect and will look good on my resume wont hurt either.


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    Barista training in Sydney (for employment)

    My father did training, before buying his cafe, at Toby's estate in Sydney and found it to be good. In fact he became meticulous about his coffee and obsessed with the cleanliness of his machine which are both important if you want to go into a high end cafe. They also seem to give a good knowledge grind adjustment and milk texturing.

    But nothing compares to practice, try and find someone with a commercial machine that you can get on and waste some milk, just so if you get put on the spot when applying for a job you will not be overwhelmed.

    Good luck, hospitality is a great skill that will be useful if you ever want to travel too


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      John Doyle of Coffee Training Centre. Wrote the book "Barita Techniques" and trains all over the place depending on where the consultancy takes him. His own private training facility is in Sydney.

      Used to be a CoffeeSnobs Sponsor and you can reach him by doing an enquiry on Coffee Training Centre - Barista Training - Barista Techniques a guide to serving Espresso Coffee


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        A course will be of benefit to you as far as understanding the technical side of how to make coffee but when I was looking for barista work no one cared about my certificates. They were more interested in my experience.
        I did land a job more so because of the passion I displayed than my resume.


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          I been to three different training places for coffee making, spend almost $1k in total . My recommemdation is if there is a good instructor that offers one on one training I would rather go for that than one instructor to half a dozen of students.


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            In Sydney that would be John Doyle then, but be prepared to pay much more for 1 on 1.


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              Thanks for your suggestions guys. I'll look into getting some classes with John Doyle.