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Experience with double-walled glasses for milk coffee/long blacks

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  • Experience with double-walled glasses for milk coffee/long blacks

    Hi all,

    I did a search and couldn't really find much in the way of using double-walled glasses to serve coffee so I thought I'll start a thread to see if anyone out there uses double-walled glasses. I don't really care about the latte art (function over form, I say. Plus, I'm just crap at drawing pictures with milk.) and what I really want is to keep my coffee hot. This isn't a problem in the summer months but in winter, even with warm cups I can't enjoy a slow cup and find that I have to scull my coffee.

    If anyone uses them, what size would you go for and how effective are they in insulating the drink? I mainly drink long blacks or flat whites. TIA.

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    I use them for double espressos. Makes a big difference in the temperature. To me they are well worthwhile.


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      Re: Experience with double-walled glasses for milk coffee/long blacks

      I use them for long blacks and milk drinks - I think they're fantastic. I wouldn't mind getting some more for espresso.

      I couldn't tell you what size the are though. Maybe 150-200ml? Bodum brand.


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        Have been using dual wall glasses for quite a while. The Bodum ones are quite expensive, I picked up a set of 8 by Melior. They do not enjoy being dropped...

        Target has 250ml dual wall glasses for around $16/pair (Bodum around $50/pair). Can't recall the exact price of the Melior.

        They certainly keep our lattes warmer for longer. Makes it more comfortable to hold the glass as well but it pays to warn people that the glass is cool to hold but the drink may be hot.

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          Re: Experience with double-walled glasses for milk coffee/long blacks

          My Bodum glasses were nowhere near 50 and I've got the tall ones.

          For my lattes I use a smaller Myer brand double wall glass, possibly baccarat? Were 20 for the pair on sale.


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            I must be going to the wrong shops in town....Just down the road from where I work is a retailer selling for $50 for 2! Online, same can be had for $16.00!!!! Plus delivery. A slight difference....
            Whatever brand you get, they certainly do a great job of keeping your drinks warmer or cooler for longer.


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              I have the Bodum Pavina double wall glasses in every size, 450ml, 350ml, 250ml, 80ml.
              I absolutely love them and they are fantastic at keeping my coffee hot for ages!
              I prefer the 250ml to make a double shot milk drink, and the 350ml are good for my partner who prefers a weaker larger drink. I use the 450ml when I make iced coffee.
              The only problem is they are very fragile, I have broken 2 already, so you have to handle them with care when washing them in the sink.
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                Victoria's Basement were doing a range of sizes .. Zu House brand...90ml and up for $10 pair..cheaper i think if bought in 6's


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                  Experience with double-walled glasses for milk coffee/long blacks

                  My Bodum Pavina's were $25 per pair not 50. They're 250 ml. I love them. They're great for heat retention. And they look great and are great to drink from.


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                    I have some of the 80 ml ones--less the one I broke--they are fragile.
                    That said, I don't use them any more 'cause I like good coffee no matter what temperature it is!



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                      We love our Bodum only prob is the darn things don't fit in the machine. Being in Tassie we find or coffee's stay warmer longer, and having 2 kids where you can get distracted its like using a thermos.



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                        I got a pair of the Bodum double wall glasses for Christmas and found that they do keep the heat in the coffee without the outside wall heating up.

                        They are fairly tall and don't fit under the group on my Alex without removing the drip tray cover.

                        Beware when washing them though - there's no handle or shaping like other glasses and my wife found out the hard way what happens when wet soapy hands fail to grip smooth slippery glasses over granite bench top....


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                          Thanks for all the responses. Looks like it's a go-er. Will wait when it starts cooling down there. The way things are going up here, it'll be June before we actually have any chilly nights.


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                            I received a set of 8 insulated (double walled) coffee glasses as a birthday gift from mrssixties late last year. They are just brilliant, great to hold and drink from and keep the brew much hotter than any of my conventional cups. FYI she purchased them online from Home Depot (Australian site) and they were cheap, $25 for the set plus postage. Highly recommended, but beware they are more fragile and break easier than ordinary single-walled glasses.
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                              I mainly drink Piccolo Lattes and shots and find my shot is luke-warm by the time I have finished the Latte. I have been using Avanti chrome dual wall demis for the shots but have to say they do not seem to work. I get as good a result from a set of thick ceramic demis that were made in Morocco.
                              Now I just leave the shot on the top of the machine until I am ready for it and it stays hot for ages.