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Fine grounds in shot.

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  • Fine grounds in shot.

    Hi Guys,

    I've had the Minore about a week and I've been experimenting with the fineness of the grind. The issue I'm noticing is the amount of grounds coming through each shot. I get the odd shot that has very little but there have been alot of shots with a reasonable amount. I was wanting to know if there was something I could do or something I am doing wrong that could improve or fix this.

    I am using the single and 2 shot baskets and a Mezzer tamper. The tamper is about 57.8mm and the basket I tested is about 58.4. Later on I'll get a pullman Huon Pine handled Tamper and maybe some matching baskets. But I'd rather save that so the wife has something easy to get me for my b'day or something later in the year.

    Any assistance would be appreceived.


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    Take a look here for one of my replies in various similar topics over the years:

    Also, if you search "coffee grinds" in this forum, there are 20 pages to go through for appropriate topics.


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      I did do some searching. Since my bike accident I'm not the best mentally due to a knock to the head. But having said that I can't see anything that helped.
      I've been wondering if the holes are too big, or if the grinder is some how producing some grounds that are like powder.
      I've used the naked with a single shot and the double shot with a dual pour and same results. I've been wondering also if the tamper being a tad small could be causing some channeling..

      Alos have extracting the puck there can be a few grounds that take abit of work to get out of the holes of the basket.



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        What grinder are you using ?

        Are you tamping on a clean surface as grinds can get stuck to the bottom of the group handle then drop into your cup


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          The naked is on a clean bench away from the grinder. The dual is on the bench also. I just use the tamper mat to catch grounds. The grinder is an iberital challenge with doser

          EDIT: I just scooped abit from the doser and pressed my finger against the basket, and grounds are def coming through the holes. I've tried setting the adjustment to course twice by several turns and small bits still fit through the holes.

          Basket holes to big?
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            I presume you clean the tamper mat after it has caught the grounds? When you disengage the group handle, what does the filter basket look like? Are there on / near the rim of the basket? Are there a lot of grinds on the group seal? Have you cleaned the group head with a stiff brush? Just a few thoughts.


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              Originally posted by danzx6r View Post
              .....Basket holes to big?....
              If you are using the standard supplied filters then no, the holes are not too big.

              If you cannot find the reason in anything already written above including in the link, you will have to start looking at your operator technique. Make sure you are not underfilling the filter. Some operators do that, and then have to grind the coffee finer than it would otherwise have been, in order to slow down the rate of pour. This may result in a greater percentage of "fines" in the grinds than would otherwise have been the case.


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                Well I can't see it being under filled. The mesh seems to be resting against the coffee grounds and when empty the handle locks further.

                As I said in my previous post, grounds are getting through when I put a spoon full in the basket and press down with my finger???

                as for std filters. Not 100% sure. Machine was purchased second hand. But can't see a reason as to why they wouldn't be.



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                  Re: Fine grounds in shot.

                  Is it possible the baskets/filters are worn? I've seen old baskets or baskets that have been vigorously cleaned (ie, scourer) start to let grinds through, as the holes get bigger.

                  They're cheap to replace, so maybe worth doing anyway! The only other thing I could suggest is that the grinder is giving you some extra-fine particles, and I don't know if there is much you can do about that!


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                    Well I did some more research and decided to pull the grinder down.

                    The grinder star was broken and therefore was completly packed with ground beans... So this explains the slow flow of grounds coming through to the doser. I am also suspecting that this is "hopefully" causing the grounds to be overdone by the burr. I had also noticed quite an inconsisten grounding of the beans, so hopefully all will be resolved once the parts arrive.

                    A big thanks to Renzo from De Bortoli for helping me and hopefully the parts will be shipped out today and arrive tomorrow, because i've only got enough grounds in a small milk jug to last me today... After that I'm screwed and RedBulls will have to be the fall back.. *Sobs*