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  • Coffee leaf tea

    For those looking for a healthy kick, coffee leaves a lot to be desired in one's tea

    "The results, published in the journal Annals of Botany ..."

    - not to be confused with the journal "Anals of Botany" which concerns itself more with Kopi Luwak (coffee beans 'processed' by civets and 'recovered' from their faeces ... sorry were you drinking?)

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    Tea made from coffee

    Researchers claim they have discovered the ultimate brew - a tea made from coffee leaves which is healthier than both of the drinks.

    The coffee leaf tea, which is said to have an 'earthy' taste that is less bitter than tea and not as strong as coffee, boasts high levels of compounds which lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, experts said.

    It also carries far less caffeine than traditional tea or coffee and contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Tea or coffee? How about tea made from coffee |


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      I tried it in Instanbul a couple of years ago and didn't think a lot of it but I expect ebay sellers and Nestle to be jumping all over this news report.