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Dosing and Milk:Espresso Ratio

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  • Dosing and Milk:Espresso Ratio

    Hey again everyone.

    My next big topic that I find bloody annoying seeing there is so much variation in what I have read! Dosing!!

    I cannot find consistent definitions, this is what I think so far:

    1. Cap: 1 shot espresso. 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, 1/3 foam
    2. Latte: 1 shot espresso mixed with milk that has micro-foam and will form a thin foam layer on top
    3. Flat white: 1 shot espresso, very mildly frothed milk, mainly just heated, little micro foam.

    Do we agree with the above?

    Now what I have difficulty with is if a normal mug is 200- 220 ml and a single shot is only 30ml... I find my coffee verrrrrry milky and does not have a nice aromatic strong rich coffee flavor, but a weak watery/overly milky flavor.

    I know I am a newbie at this and that my shots are not yet pulled perfectly nor is my milk perfect... but I feel that 30 ml coffee to 180ish ml milk is ALOT. Consider the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 ratio for chinos?

    I use freshly roasted beans, freshly ground and try to tamp and grind as best I can (maybe not enough).

    Anyway the only luck I am really having is with a double shot espresso made to about 50 ml and maybe 80 mls milk with a little foam, seems to fill the mug. This makes a nice rich coffee. Yet I can not succeed without my double shot.

    Very interested how any baristas here make their coffee as well as you domestic guys with lots of experience, how you find the best flavor and what the perfect, milk: coffee ratio is?

    Do I need a smaller mug with a 30ml shot?? ( from single basket with 7g coffee) And the shot itself is nice as a short black... seems perfectly adequate... I feel I just add to much milk and it wrecks the flavor.... Yet I may order a massive Large 12oz coffee from a takeaway coffee bar where they put in 60 ml coffee and over 350 mls milk and again its nice and rich and creamy.

    Opinions on what I am doing wrong? And generally the perfect ratio of milk to espresso?

    Thanks guys

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    Hello hellofellow,

    You are doing nothing wrong, its all about what YOU like experiment and brew to suit your taste

    I would say stay away from the single baskets stick with the double and tripples

    When I make two capp I am dosing approx 23grams into a tripple basket and i will split that into two cups that hold a total of 160ml each so getting 30ml espresso in each and top up with approx 120ml of texture milk,

    I mainly drink short blacks but when I have milk I like a 30ml shot and about 60ml of textured milk, when adding milk I also like to add a bit of sugar

    For a milk based drink in a 220ml cup I would be using a double or tripple shot of 50-60ml

    You sound like your on the right path with your double shots so just fine tune it to your liking the stronger the better


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      I think you'll find that most of us tend to use double filter baskets (nominally 13g-18g or more depending on which one it is). Personally I go for an 45-50ml extraction from a double (which actually easily holds about 20g), in 25-30 seconds. To this I add approx 180mls of milk (steamed / frothed whatever). I don't get worried if my pour is a little slow and I only extract 30mls from the double...I still add 180mls of milk (you'll find this is quite a different drink to 30mls pulled from a 7g basket). Play around and see what you like, adding only part of your steamed milk, tasting, adding a touch more etc. The single baskets aren't impossible to use, but the margin for error is a touch less.


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        Thanks guys. Glad too see its not just my poor technique. Also curious how baristas at coffee shops get such consistent results though with only (generally) double shot of coffee in a large coffee? This still seems to have a rich coffee flavour although there is sooo much milk added. Any ideas?


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          Dosing and Milk:Espresso Ratio

          For all of my shots at work I use a triple VST basket and dose 22g. This easily yields 60mls of a nice smooth double shot.