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More questions- Grind size and single Vs double walled basket.

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  • More questions- Grind size and single Vs double walled basket.

    Hey again guys,

    I have been learning soooo much here. Although my shots are far from perfect, they are improving vastly.
    Now apologies in advance this will be quite long winded. More questions....

    1. Okay firstly as you may know I am very limited by my coffee machine (EM2800- yes I will upgrade, but first I want to get a little better at the basics and push this machine to its limits)..... So my first question resides around how fresh coffee and grind size will affect the shot in a double walled basket and a single walled ( as I plan to get mine modified)..
    - So I understand that pressurized baskets are designed to create fake crema... Whats the disadvantage with good beans? Wouldn't you expect even more crema?
    - How does the single vs double affect how I should grind my beans? Someone told me good beans may choke the double walled basked... why is this if grind is the same?

    2. When to stop the shot? Okay I have been looking at videos on you tube and reading and around about machines that have a set volume of water which may take a long or short time to come out depending on grind, tamp etc causing over or under extraction? Is this the industry standard???- As in shot stops when water volume depleted
    - However many machines including mine---- I chose when to stop the shot. I know that I should aim for a single basket to be out in 25 secs and have volume of approx 30mls...
    - How many seconds and volume should a double basket be out in? 50 secs and 60 mls?...
    - Now seeing when I choose to stop the shot... ( assuming my shot wont be completely perfect for a while and at times ill have to 'make do' at risk of wasting all my coffee)... Would you stop it... a) when i reach 30mls?, b) when its been 25 seconds? c) when the stream starts to blonde? ( PS is blonding when the stream loses visible crema and starts to become watery?)

    At current point in time I'm sort of compromising between time and blonding. Generally I reach 15- 20 secs before blonding and may leave it a couple of seconds to get a little more volume.

    I am using beans roasted a week ago, freshly ground ( although my grinder has no settings, I just push the button until it looks done) and my double walled basket. That being said by Tuesday I will have a Baratza Preciso ( ordered already) and am considering modifying my basket.
    Basically my reason for these questions is to get the general basics Before the grinder arrives and help me to make a decision in how to grind when using single or double walled baskets, and how to determine when to stop the shot ( if I don't pull the perfect 30mls shot in 25 secs with no blonding)

    Sorry for the essay guys, any help much appreciated. Cheers