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Early Blonding and short exit time

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  • Early Blonding and short exit time


    Firstly could I just confirm is 'blonding' is the lightening in colour of the stream as it exits the portafilter to a watery thin paler stream?

    Secondly I am having some trouble with early blonding.

    I am limited by machine as its only an EM2800.

    Essentially: I use baratza preciso at setting that produces about 35ml- 40ml coffee from double basket in about 18-20 seconds. If I go one micro- step finer grind I get very reduced stream where as If I go up one I get a fast stream with LOTS of crema, but even earlier blodning. So I THINK my grind is about right for the current bean although a little fast pour time at 18-20 secs.

    Anyway the main thing that is stopping me a little off 25 secs is the blonding which happens as early as 15 seconds sometimes!! And I leave the machine running another 3 secs just to make up volume.

    So if grind size predominately accounts for speed of extraction/ time.... What factor accounts for blonding?
    What can I do to increase delay before blonding onset?

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    Re: Early Blonding and short exit time

    You could try increasing your dose - overdosing might slow your pour down slightly. Don't get too hung up on shot volume if the taste is good. :-)


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      I agree with Fruity, you could increase your dose.

      Also, instead of increasing your dose, you could fine up your grind.

      In additiioin, I also find that the time of day is a big indicator as to whether you need to change your grinder for a good extraction time. Sometiimes I have to change my grinder (either way + or -) depending on the weather, up to 3-5 times a day. I use an 18g filter basket too.