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Cold brew and Aldi milk frother. Maybe you like it

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  • Cold brew and Aldi milk frother. Maybe you like it

    Hi everybody,

    I came across an interesting coffee brewing method today and thought I share that with you.

    For some time now I have been using the cold brew method to make my "convenience" coffee. I can't find the recipe any more but it's quite simple. Just take a container with lid (I use a 1 kg joghurt container), put your freshly ground coffee in and pour over with room temperature water. Stir, close the pot and let it stand for 24 hours. Filter the coffee and put it in the fridge. I use the same coffee grind size and amounts of coffee/water that I use to make a plunger coffee but you can also make cold espresso. Here's an instructable by the way that gives you a good impression of the method DIY: Cold Brew Coffee

    This way I have a good (enough) tasting coffee that I just pour into the cup and warm up if I don't feel like stuffing around for my perfect shot (most of the time I don't feel like doing this). if you've never tried the method I recommend you give it a go just for fun. The flavours can be very interesting.

    Yesterday my wife brought a frother from Aldi home. She paid $29 for it because she wants no fuss frothed milk with her coffee.

    Just for fun I put the cold coffee and the milk together into the frother and hit the power button. The result was a silky textured, nice flavoured cup of coffee easy as to make and nice to sip if you just want your dose of coffein.

    Definitely not a "snob" method but you can't beat the ratio of flavour to convenience. Sort of "instant" coffee for snobs :-)

    Cheers and have fun tinkering around,


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    Hey Buff, if you search CP, cold press, cold process, and cold drip you'll find many threads on here dating back many years on your cold brew method and variations there-of. These will include multiple methods as well as recipes.

    Java "Sipping his CP" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Hi Javaphile,

      Know I know where I got the kickstarter for CP from :-) I simply couldn't remember any more.