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I've created a monster!

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  • I've created a monster!

    Our regular machine is the izzo Alex and after 18 months getting pretty good at turning out consistent lattes, favorite of the wife.

    We've relegated to old sunbeam em6910 to the holiday house and I brought it back to give it a good clean and probably flog it off. Using the Macap m4d grinder at home.

    Anyway went over the sunbeam this morning and churned out what I thought was a good/ best coffee for the sunbeam and tried to pass it off the to wife: extraction was good, crema etc all good.

    Immediately she said what's wrong with this coffee: go back and do it again properly!

    So tail between my legs turned out the same beans and extraction from the alex and the difference was there for all to see and I am safe again.

    I still marvel at the complexities of this coffee business: when all the parameters look the same the results can vary so much.

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    you changed the grind between the izzo an the sunbeam because im sure they will be different? an yeah coffee is awesome fun


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      i didnt want to mess with my izzo dialed in grinder so the grind was too fine for the sunbeam, but it was a slower extraction. But the sunbeam pressure guage showed in the top of the brown zone which has traditionally been the best spot for it.