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Cleaning benchtop filter housing.

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  • Cleaning benchtop filter housing.

    My benchtop filter was due for a change so I ordered a replacement filter. When I took apart the housing, I noticed a bit of gunk and buildup on the plastic bottom piece. It seems like it can be removed by rubbing it off however it is very hard to get into every nook & cranny. A couple of questions:

    Does this need to be cleaned?
    Is there something I can soak it in for it to come off?
    Any other suggestions?


    It is the benchtop filter found here: Bombora Coffee & Water Supplies :: WATER FILTRATION :: DOMESTIC SYSTEMS :: Benchtop Filter System, inc CFS117R Softening Filter 5 Mic
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    While servicing commercial machines, I regularly replace filters in that same style of housing - generally I just go to the nearest sink, put a bit of hot water in the housing, swill it around and pour it out. Anything that isn't dislodged in this way is not likely to come loose with the filter reassembled and operating, so can be safely ignored. If you do want to get rid of it fully, hot water with a drop of dishwashing liquid in the housing, reassembling and shaking it will usually complete the job.