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oddball coffee based drinks

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  • oddball coffee based drinks

    So everyone knows the classics and most places will understand what you mean if you ask for an affogato. What are the really unusual coffee-based drinks you've had, and have you ever invented any?

    (I have been working at a private hospital with a not particularly good superautomatic machine in the tearoom. There is also hospital-provided juice in the fridge. I only have a few minutes between cases and trying to sip the bitter and overextracted espresso that they produce in those few minutes is not a pleasurable activity because it is too hot. I started diluting with water and sugar but then I realised that I could mix in an equal amount of apple juice - this produces a pretty pleasant tasting warm drink (about 50 degrees) that I can drink quickly without burning my mouth, still has coffee and apple flavours, and is slightly sweet. I don't have a name for this yet.)

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    How about Happy Appfee?