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    Hi All,

    Noticed a very positive promotion up our way last week... A Coffee Expo sponsored by Harvey Norman of all things.

    As it turns out, it was very well organised and focussed more on how to use any of a huge variety of equipment on display with (trained?) Baristas running workshops on the range of equipment displayed.

    It ran over the entire weekend and from reports of acquaintences who attended, they thought it was definitely worth being there. It was advertised on the local Win network for about a week before-hand and it would have been great if I could have attended too but unfortunate timing this time around. With a bit of luck though, should there be another one in the future, I might be able to attend and see what sort of info I might be able to gather and report back on.

    Has anyone else ever heard of such an event being run in a regional centre before? Seems like a great way to do things and Im sure Harvey Norman generate some good business out of it but it was definitely aimed at trying to educate the public on how to do things right and thats got to be a good thing. Is this what the "Celebrate the Bean Coffee Festival" is all about too. Wish I could attend that one. Maybe next time...


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    Re: Coffee Expo

    Domayne have run similar promotions here in Newcastle. I bought some Paul Bassett beans at the last one
    Unfortunately the sales staff running the expo werent that into it. I remember asking about conical burr grinders and there was a blank look and then a referral to another staff member "that knows a lot about coffee". He said only commercial grinders that cost thousands of dollars have conical burrs, and they arent as good a flat burrs anyway...?
    It was good for seeing lots of different domestic machines actually making coffee, but the demonstrators left a lot to be desired in the barista department.
    Its better than nothing. Anything that promotes greater coffee awareness is good to see.