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Just had to share this mornings coffee nirvana

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  • Just had to share this mornings coffee nirvana

    Hey all

    I'm just on cloud nine this morning and had to share my experience.

    Last night I arrived home to my new Compak K3 grinder after having my shiny new VBM Domobar Junior sitting dormant since Sunday as I had no grinder and no coffee.

    I got the Compak setup last night but couldn't dial it in because my 1 year old daughter was asleep. So this morning I got up early to dial it in.

    What a mission to dial in compared to my previous grinders (EM0480 & Smart Grinder). Too fine, too coarse.....10 mins later....that looks and feels about right. A tiny movement on this grinder makes a HUGE difference.

    Pulled my first shot and got a lovely ~25sec double.

    Steaming milk on the VBM is hugely different to my old Silvia but managed an ok rosetta.

    In the cup...WOW!! Really I mean WOW!!!

    The defined flavours, the smoothness. This has made my entire upgrade so worth it.
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    Congratulations... You will post back here when you get your God Shot... right?

    I was hoping to get to Talk-Coffee next week to do a comparison with my SB 0480 and a real grinder but he's too busy. (if anyone knows a place to get an excellent coffee in Melb I'm happy to call in )

    Clearly I am have to save up to upgrade my grinder - maybe I can Gumtree my 2 SB's...


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      Thanks Journeyman!

      I upgraded from the Sunbeam EM0480 to the Smart Grinder and the difference was night and day. Hard to tell what the upgrade from Smart Grinder to Compak K3 was like as I also have a new espresso machine. Having said that the difference was next level!

      Honestly this coffee blew nearly every cafe coffee I've ever had out of the water.


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        Agreed, the K3 is great step up in quality in so many ways.
        Great bang for your buck to.


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          Nice one nabsie! I saw you post your interest in the 'Hardware for sale" section and was wondering whether or not you picked it up in the end. Hopefully this is just the first cup in many Nirvanas to come!


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            Thanks Caneurysm! I didn't actually end up picking up the VBM I enquired about in the 'Hardware for sale' section. Not for any reason other than it was in Melbourne and I'm in Brisbane.

            I did however purchase my VBM from another CS'er who was local to Brisbane.