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  • And here we go

    So as part of a Holiday Kids Club my local church is running, we have a cafe for the parents and yours truly is Mr Roaster and Mr Barista. So starting tomorrow I'll be maning the tamp and (hopefully not) wrestling with Mrs Steel Box and Rocky. So last week I did all my roasting on mates Gene Cafe. 3 different blends of 6 origins.

    Blend 1:
    1/5 Guatemala lighter
    1/5 Guatemala Darker
    1/5 Columbian lighter
    1/5 Columbian darker
    1/5 Kenya

    Blend 2:
    Guatamala 'Grenada' Lighter and Dark
    PNG Kimel Estate Lighter and Dark
    Brazil Natural

    Blend 3:

    Averaging around about a 9 degree per min rise and around 17min roasts 1C at 13min. Really enjoyed working with the Gene. Great little easy roaster.

    So here we are 7 days later. My cupboard smells AMAZING thanks to the one way valve in the bags and I have my station all set up, machine all clean inside and methodology worked out in my head. Pulled my first couple of shots off blend number 2 and what can I say. Fantastically smooth and balanced. Very sweet and nutty. My cups that i'm using are unfortunately quite large; 9oz. Double shots for all = naked group time but one jug at a time makes for slow going eugh.

    So the methodology:
    1) Companion takes the order writing it on a pad that i've done a large grid on
    2) Get the grinder going whilst I pour the milk into the jug
    3) knock out puck, Wipe filter dry, flush group
    4) Dose (overfill, tap, distribute and level)
    5) Tamp (I like a light one and polish)
    6) Purge wand and group
    7) Lock in group and start the shot
    8) Start texturing milk
    9) Stop shot when done
    10) Stop steaming, wipe, purge, pour
    11) Companion takes coffee out, I cross off order off the pad

    and so on..

    Inevitably, by the end of the week, will refine this model as I make mistakes.
    So why post here? Well I'll post after every morning of coffee making to post what happened and how can I work on it for your enjoyment and maybe learning for future events you may have the pleasure of catering for! Please feel free to post your opinions on what I'm doing. Any comments from the back seat are much appreciated

    Attached are pics of my roasting and cafe stations.
    8am start tomorrow for the volunteers coffees' so not too bad! So I should finish off before you all fall asleep reading :P


    Click image for larger version

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    Hindsight: probs not the best title :P


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      So Day 1:
      Only got to make 20 coffees this morning but a lot of parents didn't know about the cafe so hopefully, they'll come tomorrow with eager tongues :P. But in the 'rush' my technique worked! Not really any refining needed; the esky kept the milk cool easily and the grinder kept up excellently.

      Bit different being outdoors and having to re-use milk that's left in the jug from the roastery where we use a jug rinser but got there nevertheless. Getting good quality micro-foam on the Rancillio took a while to master but got some good latte art. Loving the steel box though; what a trooper!

      Anyway until I reply whenever that may be


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        That looks like a S24 same machine as I got. they come factory set with 12 bar pressure, (I adjusted mine back to 9-10 bar)

        so with that in mind don't let the shots run very long, the pressure will blond them early or keep them really tight.

        hope that helps

        ps was in the shop today and picked up some of the last of the Don Jose Honey

        PPS where is this place?


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          Thanks C-man!

          That it is. Been noting the early blonding. Very easy to see using a naked portafilter.. Also, i have keeping them tighter than looser. Just by the fragrance you can tell the difference between the two and I preferred the tighter one.

          I currently have our new Kenyan at home and I think we have found my families favourite origin! Although I do prefer the Yirgacheffe at the moment.

          Certainly interesting!

          Will PM you about the location!


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            I bet you're having an absolute ball!

            Even though its a huge learning curve for you, it sounds to me like you've got your process pretty good and you'll refine it as you go.

            When I've taught people how to make coffee, I have always told them that the speed will come with practice and confidence. You'd probably be amazed at how one person can make consistently great coffee in short amount of time once you've been at it long enough.

            If you have to reuse tip is to have another jug, pour your left overs into it and use it for hot chocolates instead. Or if you really have to, just use it to top up. Don't reheat if you can avoid it!

            How were the reactions from the parents on the joy of being able to drop their kids off and get an awesome coffee at the same time?


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              Hey Scooter_gal!

              You bet I am! There is something quite fulfilling about roasting, serving and watching people drink your coffee.

              Thanks for that! I also found that I learned how much milk to put into the jug so there isn't that much wastage. As they say, practise makes perfect! But I've gotta say, all those dirty jugs took me back to my McCafe days *shudders*

              They loved the coffee and a big stress reliever for some to have a chance to watch their kids settle in so they don't fret all morning! Also, I should add that I brought my small sound system down for some muzak brought to us by the wonders of Spotify. Good little set up with a cute atmosphere if I say so myself. Quite proud

              Bring on the masses tomorrow!


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                So Day 2:
                27 Coffees were made! And so were some refinements to procedures: Whilst I'm steaming the milk, I'll start the grinder going for my next shot with my free hand.

                Due to the 'hero' theme of the week, I have given my blends names. Blend 1: 'Hero Blend' Blend 2: 'Super Blend' Blend 3: 'Saviour Blend'

                So I broke out the Hero Blend today and man oh man. Full of body, packs a punch even through a lot of milk, sweet and chocolaty. Pouring very prettily and everybody loved it. One even said that she usually has sugar in her coffee but not mine! I could drink it over and over again! But alas, my little supply of coffee is starting to run dry so it may be time to make a trip to the local roaster

                But can't wait to taste the Saviour Blend tomorrow. Hopefully even more coffee will be made and drunk!



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                  Great work Michael :-)
                  Good to see your passion for the bean used for the kingdom!
                  All the best with the rest of the program


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                    Hey Michael,

                    I love the name of your coffees! Good stuff. Nice to hear you're getting great feedback...makes all the effort you've put in worth while.


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                      This is great what you are doing,

                      We will try to make it on Friday morning, would love to try what you do with my machine being a professional and how it compares to my efforts.


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                        3 days down, one to go. Day 4:
                        37 coffees! Due to the fact that my sister was doing a wonderful job at 'selling' it. I can have her as an assistant any day.

                        So the day didn't start off too well with a volunteer bringing in her stale-pre-ground-supermarket decaf for me to make her a coffee. And with a smile I said yes. Probably the worst pour I have ever made in my life (later reading the packet and seeing that they claimed the grounds were good for plunger or stovetop). Anyway, note for next time: Take one of my grinders from home and buy some decaf.

                        Well the 'Saviour' blend was superbly balanced and sweet with caramel and stone fruit notes! But only having about 300g of that, it didn't last very long so on to the seasonal blend from the roastery. It rained basically all morning so I took the Rocky back 2 notches coarser and so some very nice shots were pulled. Still getting used to the tip on this machine; Not getting the perfect microfoam that I get from the FB80 at work or on the 6910 at home but it's workable to get some decent art.

                        This also isn't the easiest machine to work on as I assume the seal has seen better years :S. The Rocky's dosing mechanism isn't being that reliable for me. But enough negatives. Everybody loved the rest of the super blend. Packed quite a punch as a single shot (weak) in a 9oz was still too much for a couple! The Saviour blend was enjoyed by all and I'll have to ask about the seasonal blend tomorrow.

                        My blind taste tester (my father) enjoyed the Hero blend even over the seasonal!

                        So big day tomorrow. We have a BBQ lunch for the families so if it's cool like it is this afternoon, we should be hot drinks a-plenty! *fingers crossed*

                        Happy Shooting!


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                          Day 4 and the end of the week:

                          57 coffees! And wow do I love the steel box. What a machine! Just goes and goes and goes. I'm loving a 3L boiler HX compared to dual thermoblock! But now it's all over

                          So the statistics: Around about 141 coffees (including HC) and taking out about 10 HC: 131 coffees
                          On the afternoon of set up on Monday I made about 10 coffees + 7 Dialling in shots all week so 148 double shots.
                          Around about 3Kg of coffee was used (for the sake of nice numbers I shall round up to 150 shots)
                          I consistently dosed at 18g in the Synesso basket.

                          3000/150=20g per shot
                          So 2g of wastage per shot
                          2 x 150=300
                          300g of wastage for the whole week. I'm not complaining about that! 75g per day

                          I didn't keep track of the milk so sorry bout that

                          So by the end of the week here are my thoughts:
                          - my bed i'm lying on is really comdknkn zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
                          - chasing after 62 kids is exhausting :P

                          Back to coffee
                          - My workflow stood pretty well if I say so myself. That is with adapting it differently in certain situations
                          - Warm your cups! I had to pour into some cold cups here and there and the crema dissipated quickly and pouring into it felt very strange
                          - When doing cappuccinos and putting the choc on the crema before pouring, don't use cadbury drinking chocolate! It just doesn't work. I missed my chocolate that I use at work a lot
                          - Having a nice tamper ROCKS!! My Reg Barber felt very nice and made coffee making a pleasure. If you do do a cart, get a nice tamp.
                          - When in a rush, don't bother putting your bottle back into the esky. It's just a pain and the milk is just going to be used 30 seconds later.
                          - I think I broke the Rocky's dosing mechanism. They aren't as robust as the Mazzer levers..although the owners weren't too sad as they have their eyes on a Super Jolly.
                          - It was really nice using a dosing chamber as opposed to the grind on demand. Especially in a commercial situation when you need to pump coffees out. The technique is more involved but one you get that down, you can grind fresh per shot but still be very efficient
                          - Purge your group heads!!!!!!! Once you leave that S24 alone for even 10 seconds, your water in the HX is waay to hot for espresso (just ask the back of my hand..ouch)!
                          - And finally, relax, have fun, enjoy, don't get too flustered and keep that area of yours clean!

                          So feel free to ask any Q, I hope you enjoyed my little blog. I'll be using up the rest of a kilo making coffee on Sunday Morning after church! (basically 120 coffees all at once)



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                            Good stuff Micheal,

                            It was nice to catch up, although after 10min the kids noise starts to get too much. (you must be a saint!)

                            yes, I forgot to mention, I always flush the "water dance" out of the G/H before every shot, like most HX they run hot and will give a burnt taste if you don't.

                            Sorry I missed your roasted blends.