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Popularity of Kopi luwak may be threatening civet cats in Indonesia

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  • Popularity of Kopi luwak may be threatening civet cats in Indonesia

    Just reading tonight from Civet poop coffee may be threatening wild species

    The increased consumption of Kopi luwak may be threatening civet cats in Indonesia, according to a recent study in Small Carnivore Conservation. Instead of collecting dung-covered beans from coffee plantations entrepreneurs have begun sticking civets in cages, feeding them coffee beans and recollecting them from the dung. This isn't done with good animal welfare practices.

    Here is the original recent paper:
    "Observations of small carnivores in Jakarta wildlife markets, Indonesia, with notes on trade in Javan Ferret Badger Melogale orientalis and on the increasing demand for Common Palm Civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus for civet coffee production"
    Chris R. SHEPHERD
    Small Carnivore Conservation, Vol. 47: 38–41, December 2012
    Volume 47 | Small Carnivore Conservation
    You can download the PDF.


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    So just now there's a threat?

    They've been stuffing civet's in cages for a LONG time... awareness has always been lacking.

    I'll never touch that stuff.


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      Sadly, nothing new about it. Where ever there's money to be made, you'll find someone willing to exploit animal (and human) welfare to increase profit margins. Of course, they could just be exploiting the gullibility of the buyer - there's nothing that guarantees the kopi luwak on sale has ever seen the inside of anything!

      I'm curious enough to try it, but only if I actually saw a wild civet doing the job - and with my luck I'll probably get SARS from the experience.


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        Wouldn't touch the stuff personally. Might be amazing, but not for me if the poor animal is suffering.


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          Yeah its amazing what the idiots with large disposable incomes will pay for.

          I have had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of upper middle class bogans who have apparently tried it. Lectured me that its the only way you can get such a smooth coffee with no acidity or bitterness. I don't waste my time trying to explain otherwise.

          I feel sorry for the animals, I remember seeing a thread on here about they were doing it with elephants now as well, sneaking the cherries into their food otherwise they wont eat them.

          This subject always makes me think of this video.

          The Coffee Snob - YouTube


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            Kopi Luwak

            An ugly twist on an otherwise, 'interesting' coffee.

            Lets hope this does not taint too much, those people making a living out of this,in an honest, cruelty free, sustainable way.

            World's most expensive coffee tainted by 'horrific' civet abuse | Environment |


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              I just posted something in the same vain as this before I had seen this thread.
              i had been thinking about it a fair bit the last few days after an long conversation with a friend.


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                X2 Steve.
                As someone who has never tried Kopi Luwak (and never will) I am wondering if there are any CS Members who have tried it and can comment on whether it is really "very good" coffee or whether it is all just hype.


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                  Yes there are. Yes they can. No it isn't. Yes it is.

                  Java "Fuggitaboutit" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    Thanks Java.
                    Sad, isn't it that people are so shallow.
                    The You Tube video says it all.(very amusing though)